The Three Rivers Film Festival – what a month.

If anybody is following “American Dumpling The Movie”, you know we entered it into 3Rivers.  No that is not a typo,

See?  Nothing like a visual!

ANY way – Even before we submitted, I nagged Stephanie Argy and Alec Boehm of “The Red Machine” to enter, so the four of us could see each other again, and we could see the finished film. Steph entered it in April, and promptly forgot all about it.

Well, “American Dumpling was in the running, but sadly, got turned down, however, “The Red Machine” got accepted.  We rented a carpet cleaner and cleaned the floor of our three story house in excitement! Yes, we do things like that when excited.  Channel that energy.

We had an incredible weekend, and want to thank everybody at the Three Rivers Film Fest – Gary Kaboly, Tony Buba of “Braddock films, Carol O’ Sullivan for finding “The Red Machine” in the huge pile of films that got dropped into her lap, and calling Brady Lewis to get into her office, telling him he had to see this film. After the weekend of “The Red Machine”, we were all set to go to see Tony Buba’s film retrospective on Wednesday night.

However, during the weekend, I was sprouting a mild toothache, which by Wednesday had turned into a full blown infection, and I was cross-eyed with pain and had to stay home.  Tomás did not want to leave me, but I pushed him out the door, there was no way we were both going to miss it.  This is part of the score co-producers job. Push him out the door!

Tomás came back around midnight, bursting with stories about Tony’s films, and how much he loved them.  Well, maybe next time for me.

Okay, my tooth has decided that enough is enough for tonight, so more on the festival down the line, and our teeny tiny bit of involvement with “The Red Machine”, but in the meantime, here is the trailer for “The Red Machine” for your enjoyment.  And if I may be a nag to anyone reading this – if “The Red Machine” comes to your city or town, please give yourself a treat and go see it. I can promise you, you will have an absolute blast.


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Chashama Film Festival

Just a quick post as you may remember that October of last year, we were accepted into the Chashama Film Festival, and we drove to New York to represent the film.

Chashama is up and running again this year, if you go to the “About” page under comments, you will find all of the info, or simply click here for all of the film info.

Again, our thanks to everyone at Chashama for the wonderful time last year, and we hope you guys have a great turnout this year.



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Mixing and Madness!

Yes, it has been over 6 months since the last post.  Time flies when you are having fun!  Or losing your mind, whichever.

There is a finalized version of the artwork from “Ravana’s Game”, only slightly different from the one below, so I am going to wait on unveiling that for now.

The score is finished, approved, and Tomás is now in the mixing stage.  The sound mixer, Drew Canulette, is busy working on his end, and Tomás is in the first stage of mixing the music.  The first two reels are being a bit snappish, as David Eblen, the director, was not clear on what he wanted, and he and Tomás ran through many different styles of music.  I would venture to say that this film did not really settle in until Reel 3 – it has been a long, bumpy road, but the end is near, and everybody seems happy.

The mixing process of the first two reels is much more labor intensive than the rest of the film will be, as Tomás was sending off unmixed, totally raw cues to David as fast as he could, so they could agree upon a basic “feel” for the score.

Consequently, it was pointless to mix as he went along, and the first 18 cues had to be wrestled to the ground musically,  as David decided on one cue, Tomás would be off onto another one.  It was a bit chaotic, to say the least.  Especially since the first 18 cues were in Reels One and Two, and in Reels Three, Four, Five, and Six, there are 24 cues all together.  The first two reels are almost half of the film.  We still do not have the exact timing of the end credits, and a few of the CGI shots, but hopefully those will come down the pike at some point.

So, Tomás is now finished with full mix prep – separations, routing, enhanced bussing, and final clean-up of any rogue instrument that happened to pick up noise while being recorded.  The arduous part is over, as once in Reel Three, he mixed as he went along, and the rest of the reels will not require such heavy prep, they will simply be subjected to a nice master mix.

So, there is the news with “Ravana’s Game”.  I have updates on the new film, and another project that just came in, but that is for another day.

And it will be another day, not 6 months from now. However, we are always on alert for being hit by the proverbial bus. Always.


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“Ravana’s Game” DVD artwork is here!

While Tomás and I have been embroiled in a complicated computer upgrade, all work on Ravana’s Game had to stop, much to our dismay.

The good news is we are back up and running as of today, and cues will be flying over to director David Eblen within the next couple of days.

However, while all this gear drama has been going on over here, David and his graphic designer Ted Davis have been working tirelessly on the DVD cover. Ted has come up with a fantastic final DVD cover, and we are absolutely crazy about it. It’s gorgeous!

Months ago, David had sent us many of Ted’s concepts, and asked us which ones grabbed us.  It was very hard, as every one was spectacular – Ted Davis is very talented and incredibly creative, so we could not begin to settle on one concept.  I believe between the two of us, we basically picked them all, and wound up being absolutely no help in the decision making process.  Sorry, guys.

So, to end the suspense, below is the final DVD cover of “Ravana’s Game”.  Look for it in video stores and on NetFlix soon!


"Ravana's Game" DVD artwork by graphic designer Ted Davis


"Ravana's Game" DVD artwork by graphic designer Ted Davis

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Happy Birthday Tomás, already!!!!

Poor Tomás.  He has been trying to finish a cue all day, and every time he started getting a nice roll going, the phone rang with a “Happy Birthday” message.  Tomás is working on his birthday, just as he was working on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve.  Yes, he got crazy and we went up north to visit his family on New Years Day. Slacker.

And yes, his birthday is on Groundhog Day, Feb 2nd, so all of the messages have some reference to six more weeks of winter, and somehow it is all his fault, ha ha ho ho tee hee hee.  The man has been hearing the same birthday messages since he was four.

Then our birthday crazy neighbor shows up, hollering “Happy Birthday” and waving a gift. A wonderful, sweet gesture, and it collides right when Tomás decides to pick up the phone on his parents message. He figures he can at least talk to them, everyone else will have to wait, otherwise the whole day is shot, and he is getting quite involved with the cue he is working on. He had said this morning that the director, David Eblen, would have it tonight, no problem. I ignored that proclamation, because I have seen the flurry that happens in the past, and I knew it was coming. My job was to try and make sure he did not run naked screaming down the street.

I do not think Tomás realizes how popular he is.  Poor guy.  He is exhausted from birthday well wishes, he really wants to return the calls, but he REALLY wants to finish the cue he is on. Suddenly, he was being bombarded, and he looked a bit shell shocked for a few hours afterwards. Note in the photo below the desperation with which he is clutching his sixth cup of coffee, and this was before the height of the chaos had reached it’s peak.

As you can see, his hair is already starting to stand up on its own. It was hilarious a few hours later.

The phone did not settle down until after ten p.m., and he finally has some quiet time.  Even though the cue is not getting finished tonight, he managed to wrangle two hours of uninterrupted writing time, and is ending his birthday feeling quite pleased with how the cue is shaping up.  What more can you ask, really?

To any of Tomás’s friends and family who left a message wishing him Happy Birthday, he thanks you very much, he is completely overwhelmed, and he will call you back in the next few days, he promises.

As you can tell, it was quite a task keeping him calm, and his Birthday post is not posting until after midnight.  Happy Birthday yesterday, oh most loved one.

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In Memory Of Rosa Marcelina Gamarra-Thomson

How poignant, that my last post was about a film that dealt with loss, love, and if you had one day left to live, how would you spend it?

Rosa Gamarra-Thomson came into our lives August of this year, she was a Peruvian Medicine Woman, a mentor, a healer, a friend.  She helped Tomás fight through his first serious music writing block, she helped me in ways I have yet to even fully absorb.

We assumed she would be an important part of our lives together forever.  This was not how the world saw it to be, and the night of Dec 16th, Rosa peacefully died in her sleep.

You can read about her over at What Happened – however, we wanted to honor Rosa on this page, because in our individual sessions with her, we had told her about “Ravana’s Game”, and what Tomás was trying to reach for with the music, but he was feeling stifled, both mentally and physically blocked.

She broke the block in him after the first session, and when we went to see her again, he was buzzing with creative juice.  We enjoyed lunch together, and told her that when the film was finished, we would come over and the three of us would watch it together.  She was very happy and excited.  This woman was pure magic, yet she never took credit for her work with us.  She kept reminding us that we found her, and we were only able to be helped because we were willing to do the work. She  insisted that she was simply helping us clear away some of the muck.

My goal is to someday have as much to give and be as grounded and humble as she was.  And to be as innovative and fantastic a cook!  Man, that woman could take three ingredients and make a feast that no restaurant could rival.

We will not be having our movie night at Rosa’s now,  but Tomás will be dedicating the soundtrack of “Ravana’s Game” to her.

Happy Holidays, everyone.  May we get through 2010 with all of our loved ones still standing, and may we always remember to treat our loved ones well, because we just never know when it is time to say goodbye.

See you in the New Year, and below, our beloved Rosa.  She is in our hearts forever.

Rosita Gamarra-Thomson - April 5th 1946 - Dec.13th, 2009

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No, Tomás has not taken on another film, he has his hands full with his current one, lol.  However, one of his older films, “The Table” was directed by actor, writer, producer Chris Byrne, who has come out with an absolutely amazing looking film called ‘OBSELIDIA’, written and directed by Diane Bell, produced by Matthew Medlin and Chris Byrne, and Chris as one of the stars of the film.

OBSELIDIA has been selected to play in the US Dramatic Film Competition at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, and Tomás and I just received this fantastic news last night.  We are so happy for Chris, and his whole team.  Congratulations everyone!

Below is a photo of Chris directing “The Table” along with the one sheet of “OBSELIDIA”

You can visit the web page here.

Read more at the Imdb here.

Become a fan on Facebook here.

Read about the Sundance acceptance here.

Chris Byrne directing the short film 'The Table"

"OBSELIDIA" - One Sheet

Tomás and I want to let Chris know how happy, excited, and proud we are of your drive, your passion, and the quality of work you continually put out there for the world.  You were an absolute joy to work with, and we hope to collaborate again someday soon.

Best of luck with this film, and we are greatly looking forward to seeing it.

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