I think trying to write an “about” page lands in my top five of “things I really dislike writing.” I believe it runs neck-and-neck with writing out the check for the phone bill.


So, I am not going to write anything about us. If you want to know, you are welcome to shoot off an e-mail from Tomás website, or harass us on Twitter.  Either way, we’d love to hear from, and about.…….  YOU!

4 Responses to About

  1. aestar101 says:

    Cool site I’ll be back 🙂

  2. Hi aestar, and welcome,

    Thanks for coming by – I put up your other comment about going to New York, and wordpress seems to have the hiccups, as it is not showing up! I am sorry, I will try to dig it out of cyber purgatory as soon as I can.

    Really like your site – we just got back from NY, and I am too tired to really soak it up, but I will be back when my eyes can focus and brain can comprehend 🙂

  3. Hi , Im the festival director, we screened American Dumpling last year and saw the post through google. Would you want to post our info for this year on your blog, so we have a larger reach.
    Thank you
    or link to

    Venue Location 415 West 43rd Street, NYC 10036 11/13/10

    chashama Film Festival_November 13, 2010 We will be exhibiting the following Films: +3 added

    8th Wonderland ,Nicolas Alberny
    Artists of the Great Western Divide ,Diran Lyons
    Cold April ,Mike SmithRivera
    Ice Cream Boy ,Allon Schemool
    Lefty ,Todd Looby
    Phone Sex Grandma ,Jack Truman
    Previous Tenants ,Regina Robbins
    Qui Es Tu? ,Chloe Jenden
    Taxy ,Danilo Santos
    The System ,Trenton Lepp
    This is Arnold, this is Randolph…. ,Rick Kariolic
    Virtual JFK ,Koji Masutani
    Woman Warrior Exposed (Sigourney Weaver Remix , Desiree D’Alessandro

    VENUE LOCATION 415 West 43rd Street NYC 10036

    We Will be exhibiting films from 12pm-8:30pm roughly: times may tweak a little, due to Technical difficulties/Questions and Break
    In this Order:
    12pm Lefty
    1:45 Phone Sex Grandma
    2:00 Taxy
    2:45 Previous Tenants
    3:30 The System
    4:00 Qui Es Tu?
    4:30 Virtual JFK
    6:00 Cold April
    6:30 Artists of the Great Western Divide
    7:00 8th Wonderland
    Woman Warrior Exposed (Sigourney Weaver Remix) (2min) will screen at various times during the day
    Ice Cream Boy(2min) will screen at various times during the day
    This is Arnold, this is Randolph….(8min) will screen at various times during the day.

    Again, we are going to do this grassroots. We will email and post about the screenings. Please do the same! Copy and paste onto blogs, newsletters, personal websites, etc.
    Thank you all for giving us a chance to screen some interesting movies.

    Festival Director
    Rick Kariolic

  4. Kelly Mahan Jaramillo says:


    Hey guys, I am trying to get my social media shoes on, but I could use some help. The last person I had a dialogue with on this blog was Amy of Amy Grindhouse, and that was before she was……..her fabulous self.

    Please say hello – I love to yak with you, about music, about movies, about anything you wish to yak about.

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