No, Tomás Hradcky Has Not Gone Anywhere.

What do you mean my last post was two years and nine months ago? WordPress! You Lie!

No, WordPress is solidly honest. I’ve not written a thing on this blog, and it is not because of lack of content. Much music has gone on, but not much writing. I got tired of blogging and figured you would not notice because no one ever reads this blog. I take no offense, it can get a bit nuts-and-boltsy regarding scoring and the intricacies of what is needed and where things go wrong and why. I get it.

I simply got involved with other ventures, one of them being an almost unforgivable amount of time spent on twitter concerning Leann Rimes, a lawsuit, Brandi Glanville, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…..overall, a giant, soul sucking morass of drama that yielded a lot of irritation and a few small nuggets of gold.  Much of this will be documented elsewhere down the road sometime.  Maybe.

Recently, someone asked me one little question about it and received a two part e-mail that, when finished, totaled 62 pages and 24,890 words. Well, at least one-quarter of that story is already written. I am not sure how the party on the other end feels, but I feel ten pounds lighter. Thank you Kitsa. Please don’t forget to send me the bill.

Enough of me, what about Tomás?  That is why you are here, right?

Well……that has to come in stages, otherwise we will be here all day.

In 2012, he wrote “The Major/Minor Project,” you can listen one of the cues, “Twinkle Minor” – my personal favorite, and hear the rest at the new website which Tomás built himself from scratch and went live August of 2012.

Tool around, enjoy the new site.

The story of “The Major/Minor Project” ties in with the Twitter lunacy mentioned above, and is a post for another day. Day, I promise. Not month, not year. Day.

Because right now we have to get back to mixing a webisode of a short series that has a lot to do with the Original Power Rangers Television Series. Mmmmm-hmmm, you read that correctly.

Sooooo, yes! We have been busy, in the most delightfully strange ways we could never imagine.

You can find Tomás on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

Drop by and say hello, he’d love to hear from you.

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