Chashama Film Festival 2011

Just to remind people who have films to submit to festivals – “American Dumpling” was accepted into Chashama in 2009, and, for being a new festival, it was well run, the staff was fantastic and incredibly helpful, especially to us, as they were aware that Tomas and I were representing “Dumpling” and had driven across the state to do so.  We were completely sleep deprived and walking in circles in New York City, and thank goodness Rick and the staff were there to guide us to our own film’s viewing!

Thank you Chashama Film Festival, and we hope to have another film in your festival very soon.

Here is the info on Chashama 2011, along with contact links:

The 2011 Chashama Film Festival: Chaos Theory, will take place from November 10-13 at 217 East 42nd St., New York, NY 10017.

In Chashama Film Festival’s 4th year, we hope to explore our current world of flux. People’s actions have a great impact on everything around them, especially the societies in which they live. In this year’s festival, we seek to focus on Chaos Theory: The Rise and Fall of Societies. Societal change is brought on by different ideals of philosophy and sociology, and we want to know how that contributes to groups that flourish, and groups that fall. We speculate about questions like what makes a society want to change, how people are directly involved with societal change, and if a society’s impending collapse can be prevented.

At Chashama, we believe that film and uncensored media outlets are vital to inform a compassionate and understanding population. We want to convey what is real; real feeling, real questions, and real ideas, and we use film as our medium. At a time of widespread economic and political instability, when the world needs a change toward unification and peace, our action is essential; our action is art.

For more information, check out the website:, or contact festival director Rick Kariolic if you are interested in submitting a film.

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