“Dawn” – No, We Didn’t Dream It.

SO, to catch anyone up who does not have time to slog through the last year of posts, here is a quick recap:

When we started work on “Ravana’s Game”, Tomás was contacted by a filmmaker named Jaime Mariscal, asking him if he would be interested in scoring his short film “Dawn”.

We asked if we could see the film, and we both fell head-over-heels in love with it. However, there was a rather big problem – Tomás was in the middle of “Ravana’s Game”, and we were having a bit of a tough time wrestling it to the ground.

We finally decided to ask Jaime if he was willing to wait – we loved the film, but it was going to be a little while before we could work on it, and if he did not want to wait, we fully understood.

Jaime chose to wait, and for that, Tomás and I want to extend our gratitude, as “Dawn” is one of those unique little short film gems that rarely come by, and we would have been very depressed to have missed out on it.

Thank you for your patience, Jaime.

Jaime had asked that no posts be written about “Dawn” for awhile – he laughingly admitted that he was superstitious, which he did not need to defend with us.  Tomás and I are very superstitious and often engage in bizarre little rituals before attacking the task at hand – little things that no one would even notice, and any good psychiatrist worth his salt would pencil down as obsessive compulsive behavior.

Once Tomás was closing in on the last reel of “Ravana’s Game”, we did a spotting session with Jaime on the phone, as Jaime is in Chicago and we are here in Pittsburgh. Tomás and Jaime had several conversations about what Jaime was looking for musically, and we began the written outline of spotting session.

Then, “Dawn” had to be put on the shelf while Tomás went back to “Ravana’s Game”.  Once mixing began on “Ravana’s Game”, writing began on “Dawn”.

The opening of the film was crucial, as there was no dialogue and very few sound effects. The first cue, 1m1, was going to be standing there all by itself, and getting it to be right on the mark was going to take some time.

Altogether, Tomás wrote sixteen different cues for 1m1, which we sat and went through together, playing them against picture, rating them in different categories and sub-categories. We had an interesting idea on one of the cues, one in particular that I fell in love with and I argued it’s case with great passion.

Tomas listened, saw my point(s), and we sent it off to Jaime for approval.  It was rejected immediately. Luckily I am too old and tired to scream “My vision, people! My vision!”

Rather, I wrote Jaime an e-mail, saying, “My fault, my fault, I was positive you would love the direction of this cue.  No worries, we have fifteen more to go through, and with any luck, you will not have to go through all fifteen.”

It took a little time and a lot of concentration for us to whittle it down to four cues for him to choose from, and even play a little ‘mix-and-match’ if he wanted to get, or go, crazy. All of this fun was going on in September, 2010.

Jaime was very happy with all four cues, and had to go through his own deciding process, so while he worked with the opening of the film, Tomás jumped back to mixing “Ravana’s Game”.

December 29, 2010, we received an e-mail from Jaime, wondering how the rest of the score was coming, as he had entered “Dawn” into a couple of festivals, and he would like to have more original score.

Fast forward to February 5th, 2011, when Jaime wrote that “Dawn” had been accepted into the Chicago Latino Film Festival, and would be screening sometime mid-April. Great excitement and high fives all around, with Tomás stepped up his working hours on “Dawn” to accomidate the festival.

On March 21st, Jaime wrote and told us of the festival screening dates  – April 1st and 10th. Great excitement collided  head on with extreme panic, as Jaime would need the fully finished and mixed score no later than March 23rd. We went from having approximately two weeks to finish the score, to two days. I think we wasted a desperately needed hour staring at the wall in shock.

It was going to be a solid working 48 hours with no sleep, and a few extra hours of super panic for some small changes and a few files that did not transfer over well and had to be resent.

I cannot really give any more details, as it was all a blur. I remember writing to Jaime and asking how the April 1st screening went, and he sounded as fried as we were, but said it went very well. A small group of happy, sleep-deprived folks wandering around the last few weeks.

Then today we received this. (Click on the photo to read the full review).

Congratulations to Jaime Mariscal, Kevin Pittman, Kelly Medrano, Jessica Camacho, and the rest of the cast and crew of “Dawn”.  You made an absolutely wonderful short film, and Tomás and I are happy and proud to have been included in it.  We hope to work with all of you again down the line someday.

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