“Ravana’s Game” – End in Sight?

By Kelly Mahan Jaramillo, March 26th, 2011

SO, this is the first “Partners” post of 2011, and it is still cold outside! Yay for me, I think.

Still deciding if “Ravana’s Game” is cursed. From everything I have written, everything that could go haywire on a film has done so on this one. I am actually nervous writing this, as there is always something else that could happen, so maybe I should explain my slip-and-fall on the ice which prevented me from writing a post two months ago to simple clumsiness?

I think I should. I am a clumsy, clumsy, Los Angeles bred-and-born woman relocated to the East where it snows and sleets. My slip on the ice has nothing to do with the film. Repeat, nothing to do with the film!

Anyhoo….back is all better, and all kinds of keen things have been going on! Tomas is mixing the last reel, having to take a break to finish up the short film “Dawn”, due to a sudden accelerated schedule, which shall be written about in the next post.

“Ravana’s Game” director David Eblen has put up a webpage, which features Tomas’s score on the “About page, along with the trailer, and a wordpress journal chronicling the incredibly long and twisted road driven to get this film made. It is a fascinating and often funny read, and we have only been along for the last one-fifth of the ride.  It has been wild.

Click here to go to “Ravana’s Game” webpage, tool around, give us a ‘thumbs up’ on Facebook if you are so inclined, and we will see you soon.

If you happen to live in Portland Oregon, the theatre screening of “Ravana’s Game” is May 4th. Stay tuned for details.

Go to the comments sections if you would like to see the Hindi version of the trailer.  Is the film cursed?  You decide…….

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2 Responses to “Ravana’s Game” – End in Sight?

  1. Rachael says:

    It’s probably cursed.

  2. Lol – you’re totally right, but we keep trying to say “oh, no, it’s just ‘life’ – things happen. Really!

    Tomas, the composer, just sent me the link with the Hindi version of the trailer, along with a brief note:

    Ahh! Hindi – lets garner more attention form the Hindi gods of death why don’t we!

    So, you can see that as much as we try to convince ourselves otherwise…….(whisper) yes, it is cursed.

    Thanks for popping by!


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