The Three Rivers Film Festival – what a month.

If anybody is following “American Dumpling The Movie”, you know we entered it into 3Rivers.  No that is not a typo,

See?  Nothing like a visual!

ANY way – Even before we submitted, I nagged Stephanie Argy and Alec Boehm of “The Red Machine” to enter, so the four of us could see each other again, and we could see the finished film. Steph entered it in April, and promptly forgot all about it.

Well, “American Dumpling was in the running, but sadly, got turned down, however, “The Red Machine” got accepted.  We rented a carpet cleaner and cleaned the floor of our three story house in excitement! Yes, we do things like that when excited.  Channel that energy.

We had an incredible weekend, and want to thank everybody at the Three Rivers Film Fest – Gary Kaboly, Tony Buba of “Braddock films, Carol O’ Sullivan for finding “The Red Machine” in the huge pile of films that got dropped into her lap, and calling Brady Lewis to get into her office, telling him he had to see this film. After the weekend of “The Red Machine”, we were all set to go to see Tony Buba’s film retrospective on Wednesday night.

However, during the weekend, I was sprouting a mild toothache, which by Wednesday had turned into a full blown infection, and I was cross-eyed with pain and had to stay home.  Tomás did not want to leave me, but I pushed him out the door, there was no way we were both going to miss it.  This is part of the score co-producers job. Push him out the door!

Tomás came back around midnight, bursting with stories about Tony’s films, and how much he loved them.  Well, maybe next time for me.

Okay, my tooth has decided that enough is enough for tonight, so more on the festival down the line, and our teeny tiny bit of involvement with “The Red Machine”, but in the meantime, here is the trailer for “The Red Machine” for your enjoyment.  And if I may be a nag to anyone reading this – if “The Red Machine” comes to your city or town, please give yourself a treat and go see it. I can promise you, you will have an absolute blast.


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