3 Rivers Film Festival – Most Fun EVER!

Yes, I sound like a ten-year-old after her first sleepover, but seriously, the 3 Rivers Film Festival in Pittsburgh, PA., is absolutely the most fun we have had at a festival, and we didn’t even have a film in it, as I mentioned below.

No disrespect to the many film festivals we have gone to – 3 Rivers was probably the most fun because we did not have a film in it, and were free to enjoy ourselves.

We had a tiny, peripheral role in one of the films that was accepted, “The Red Machine”, written and directed by Stephanie Argy and Alec Boehm. You can view the trailer at the previous post, below.

About 4 years ago, we went over to their studio for one evening to watch the rough cut of the film, and offer critique.  Steph and Alec were kind enough to throw us in the “special thanks” credit roll, even though all I did was marvel at how much I liked the film – my critique skills are terrible.  Tomás had some solid suggestions, which neither of us can remember and have no idea if they were used. But if you look hard, you can see us in there. Look Ma, we’re famous!

Tomás Hradcky and Kelly Mahan Jaramillo, in there somewhere.....

So, just a quick sign off to David Eblen, director of “Ravana’s” Game”, and Jaime Mariscal, director of “Dawn” – once your films are finished and out there for the public eye, you will have our full support in promoting your films.  We are really looking forward to doing that.

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