Mixing and Madness!

Yes, it has been over 6 months since the last post.  Time flies when you are having fun!  Or losing your mind, whichever.

There is a finalized version of the artwork from “Ravana’s Game”, only slightly different from the one below, so I am going to wait on unveiling that for now.

The score is finished, approved, and Tomás is now in the mixing stage.  The sound mixer, Drew Canulette, is busy working on his end, and Tomás is in the first stage of mixing the music.  The first two reels are being a bit snappish, as David Eblen, the director, was not clear on what he wanted, and he and Tomás ran through many different styles of music.  I would venture to say that this film did not really settle in until Reel 3 – it has been a long, bumpy road, but the end is near, and everybody seems happy.

The mixing process of the first two reels is much more labor intensive than the rest of the film will be, as Tomás was sending off unmixed, totally raw cues to David as fast as he could, so they could agree upon a basic “feel” for the score.

Consequently, it was pointless to mix as he went along, and the first 18 cues had to be wrestled to the ground musically,  as David decided on one cue, Tomás would be off onto another one.  It was a bit chaotic, to say the least.  Especially since the first 18 cues were in Reels One and Two, and in Reels Three, Four, Five, and Six, there are 24 cues all together.  The first two reels are almost half of the film.  We still do not have the exact timing of the end credits, and a few of the CGI shots, but hopefully those will come down the pike at some point.

So, Tomás is now finished with full mix prep – separations, routing, enhanced bussing, and final clean-up of any rogue instrument that happened to pick up noise while being recorded.  The arduous part is over, as once in Reel Three, he mixed as he went along, and the rest of the reels will not require such heavy prep, they will simply be subjected to a nice master mix.

So, there is the news with “Ravana’s Game”.  I have updates on the new film, and another project that just came in, but that is for another day.

And it will be another day, not 6 months from now. However, we are always on alert for being hit by the proverbial bus. Always.


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