“Ravana’s Game” DVD artwork is here!

While Tomás and I have been embroiled in a complicated computer upgrade, all work on Ravana’s Game had to stop, much to our dismay.

The good news is we are back up and running as of today, and cues will be flying over to director David Eblen within the next couple of days.

However, while all this gear drama has been going on over here, David and his graphic designer Ted Davis have been working tirelessly on the DVD cover. Ted has come up with a fantastic final DVD cover, and we are absolutely crazy about it. It’s gorgeous!

Months ago, David had sent us many of Ted’s concepts, and asked us which ones grabbed us.  It was very hard, as every one was spectacular – Ted Davis is very talented and incredibly creative, so we could not begin to settle on one concept.  I believe between the two of us, we basically picked them all, and wound up being absolutely no help in the decision making process.  Sorry, guys.

So, to end the suspense, below is the final DVD cover of “Ravana’s Game”.  Look for it in video stores and on NetFlix soon!


"Ravana's Game" DVD artwork by graphic designer Ted Davis


"Ravana's Game" DVD artwork by graphic designer Ted Davis

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