Happy Birthday Tomás, already!!!!

Poor Tomás.  He has been trying to finish a cue all day, and every time he started getting a nice roll going, the phone rang with a “Happy Birthday” message.  Tomás is working on his birthday, just as he was working on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve.  Yes, he got crazy and we went up north to visit his family on New Years Day. Slacker.

And yes, his birthday is on Groundhog Day, Feb 2nd, so all of the messages have some reference to six more weeks of winter, and somehow it is all his fault, ha ha ho ho tee hee hee.  The man has been hearing the same birthday messages since he was four.

Then our birthday crazy neighbor shows up, hollering “Happy Birthday” and waving a gift. A wonderful, sweet gesture, and it collides right when Tomás decides to pick up the phone on his parents message. He figures he can at least talk to them, everyone else will have to wait, otherwise the whole day is shot, and he is getting quite involved with the cue he is working on. He had said this morning that the director, David Eblen, would have it tonight, no problem. I ignored that proclamation, because I have seen the flurry that happens in the past, and I knew it was coming. My job was to try and make sure he did not run naked screaming down the street.

I do not think Tomás realizes how popular he is.  Poor guy.  He is exhausted from birthday well wishes, he really wants to return the calls, but he REALLY wants to finish the cue he is on. Suddenly, he was being bombarded, and he looked a bit shell shocked for a few hours afterwards. Note in the photo below the desperation with which he is clutching his sixth cup of coffee, and this was before the height of the chaos had reached it’s peak.

As you can see, his hair is already starting to stand up on its own. It was hilarious a few hours later.

The phone did not settle down until after ten p.m., and he finally has some quiet time.  Even though the cue is not getting finished tonight, he managed to wrangle two hours of uninterrupted writing time, and is ending his birthday feeling quite pleased with how the cue is shaping up.  What more can you ask, really?

To any of Tomás’s friends and family who left a message wishing him Happy Birthday, he thanks you very much, he is completely overwhelmed, and he will call you back in the next few days, he promises.

As you can tell, it was quite a task keeping him calm, and his Birthday post is not posting until after midnight.  Happy Birthday yesterday, oh most loved one.

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