In Memory Of Rosa Marcelina Gamarra-Thomson

How poignant, that my last post was about a film that dealt with loss, love, and if you had one day left to live, how would you spend it?

Rosa Gamarra-Thomson came into our lives August of this year, she was a Peruvian Medicine Woman, a mentor, a healer, a friend.  She helped Tomás fight through his first serious music writing block, she helped me in ways I have yet to even fully absorb.

We assumed she would be an important part of our lives together forever.  This was not how the world saw it to be, and the night of Dec 16th, Rosa peacefully died in her sleep.

You can read about her over at What Happened – however, we wanted to honor Rosa on this page, because in our individual sessions with her, we had told her about “Ravana’s Game”, and what Tomás was trying to reach for with the music, but he was feeling stifled, both mentally and physically blocked.

She broke the block in him after the first session, and when we went to see her again, he was buzzing with creative juice.  We enjoyed lunch together, and told her that when the film was finished, we would come over and the three of us would watch it together.  She was very happy and excited.  This woman was pure magic, yet she never took credit for her work with us.  She kept reminding us that we found her, and we were only able to be helped because we were willing to do the work. She  insisted that she was simply helping us clear away some of the muck.

My goal is to someday have as much to give and be as grounded and humble as she was.  And to be as innovative and fantastic a cook!  Man, that woman could take three ingredients and make a feast that no restaurant could rival.

We will not be having our movie night at Rosa’s now,  but Tomás will be dedicating the soundtrack of “Ravana’s Game” to her.

Happy Holidays, everyone.  May we get through 2010 with all of our loved ones still standing, and may we always remember to treat our loved ones well, because we just never know when it is time to say goodbye.

See you in the New Year, and below, our beloved Rosa.  She is in our hearts forever.

Rosita Gamarra-Thomson - April 5th 1946 - Dec.13th, 2009

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