Thanksgiving Was…..A Work Day!

Since our 27 year old Volvo has been in the shop a bit longer than anticipated, we did not go up to be with Tomás’s family yesterday.  In fact, the day before, I realized we had precious little food in the house, and all of our neighbors were out.  I decided to walk to the nearest Giant Eagle Market, which is 2 and a half miles away.  I made it a personal goal, and you know the old story Grandpa would tell you when you were complaining about something, that he had to walk five miles to school uphill every day?  In the snow? (even if he was a southern California Native….)

Then as you grew up you made the joke “uphill both ways, right Grandpa?” (Or Dad, or whomever is trying to use this particular way of telling you to quit whining).

Well, I just found out that in Pittsburgh, it really is uphill both ways, lol.  I LOVE this city!!

Anyway, I purchased a few basics to make a dinner that would last a few days, and Tomas and I worked the rest of the day.  We woke up on Thanksgiving, and after a relaxing cup of coffee and fresh juice drink for breakfast, we went to work, and worked all day – it was blissfully quiet, and once we got over not having any fresh pumpkin pie, and wishing we could have enjoyed a legitimate day off, we made some good headway into rebuilding a few music emulator banks for Reel 2, plus I got some work done on my novel.

If anyone is a “Dexter” fan, the real Thanksgiving for us was Sunday’s episode – Dexter’s Thanksgiving – “Hungry Man”.  It just does not get any better than that.

Happy Black Friday, Everyone.  We are in, watching the first sleet turn to snow, and yes, still working.



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