Ravana’s Game – When The Scary Part Happens.

Two days ago Tomas was working on a cue that is quite ominous – it is the beginning of the setup for one main character’s theme, and it gets more eerie as the film progresses.

This happens to me every time – I am not consciously aware of the music playing throughout the house all day, but it is subconsciously making me very skittish.  A gust of wind, a creak upstairs – I start noticing these things.  They seemed particularly loud last night, and it does not help to remind myself that we live in a very old forest, in a 110 year old house – for some reason those very facts make me even more jumpy.

I reassure myself that it is a good cue when it has me this rattled, and go to sleep.  I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror.


And no, I do not know what the silver button is on my shoulder. That is the least of my worries.


Worse than the silver button and the yellow eyes? I am smiling in this picture.

Tomas is writing the main theme tonight for another character, which is mainly a minor-y mournful electric guitar cue.  We will take another photo tomorrow and see if I am no longer possessed by Ravana or one of his minions.

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6 Responses to Ravana’s Game – When The Scary Part Happens.

  1. Aminta says:

    Hm. You look strangely like Sarah Palin during the campaign. Now how’s that for scary!

  2. LOLOL –
    You must mean what Sarah Palin looked like


    the big smile and wink-y wink wink.

    Utterly terrifying!

    She has punished me for ignoring her and has now invaded my body!


    Okay, I’ll read the book! I’ll read the book!

    And Bobby will review it, CAW CAW CAW


    That should be enough to exorcise the bitch out of me.

  3. You are soooo NOT bringing in that abomination of a book into this house!! Yellow eyes notwithstanding!

  4. You can live with a yellow-eyed unsmiling possessed Palin-bot? Really? Now you have scared me more than the damned cue!!

  5. Youz cute.

    Hell, I was happily watching Vincent Price in “The Abominable Dr. Phibes” from the back seat of the family station wagon (sleep is for sissy’s) at the ripe old age of 10.

    It was a joyful time.


  6. Youse cute too…..

    However, I have been hoisted on my own petard! With you, I should have known better – I know what you were watching at ten years old……damn…… Time to change tactics – – –

    The book – wouldn’t you want to read Bobby’s review of it, plus take pictures of him ripping it to shreds??


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