No, It’s Not The MotherShip, Yet….

Tomas has been going through his bank of totally unique recordings of guitar “pulses” to experiment with how they might sound as a foundation for a cue in “Ravana’s Game” that needs a beat, but  is too subtle for percussion.

I hate to admit this, but some of them sound like a chain saw, severing the base of my spine and splitting my skull in two at the same time.  Those go into the “No” pile.

In between takes, you can hear Tomás and engineer Bob Gremore, having quite the “guys in studio all alone late at night” fun.  Until you hear them start to get hungry.

Advice from Tomás:

The First Thing Every Composer Should KnowFeed Your Engineer!

Those are words to live by.  Below is an older picture of us working on another film, waiting for a pizza we had ordered to arrive.  We started playing with the computer camera…..


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2 Responses to No, It’s Not The MotherShip, Yet….

  1. As per the “no” pile, one can never be sure when a neuron splitting, atom smashing, planet destroying sound defined as “vibrations that travel through the air or another medium and can be heard when they reach a person’s or animal’s ear”, is just the perfect spice in the culinary music soufflé.

    Of course it doesn’t help when the “decidee” has lost all auditory discernment, through lack of functional ear drums, by the very act of combing through these sounds.

    Alas, Vinnie, Vito & Bobby are all siding with Kel on this one.
    (Secretly, I couldn’t be happier or more relieved)


  2. Yes, I have always heard that a soupçon of a musical elements that sounds like one hundred old metal trash cans being dropped off of the roof onto the pavement, is many composers “secret ingredient”, and, not being a composer, I should understand the refined delicacy that ten thousand nails on a chalkboard can bring to a cue!

    (I do not know how you put up with my black looks in your direction at 1 a.m. when you are so carefully working with such a fragile element).

    Alas, I am merely a commoner, a plebeian who has no understanding of the finer blends of composition, sigh.

    However, it was good that you did finally pick the best of these subtle, necessary musical components, as the two cats, the crow, and myself were starting to wonder if you were a secret government agent trying to kill us with sound……..

    Volim te!

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