Goodbye, Great Aunt Millie. You Are Missed.


Tomas’s Great Aunt Millie Novac, died September 29th.  It has taken me this long to write about her because I cannot seem to find the right words. Tomas was very close to her, even though he had not ben living in the same state for over twenty years, until recently.  His birthday is the day after hers, and they are the only two family members to make a living at music, Millie with records and in radio, Tomas composing film.

I had heard so much about Millie before I met her, and when I finally did, she was one of the smartest, funniest, most loving women I have ever encountered.  She was in a lot of pain but did not complain, instead, she laughed easily and was very excited to show us all of her new computer gear. She was a ferocious “hugger”.

At 83 years old, in poor health, and she was whizzing around the computer better than most twenty year olds, certainly with more knowledge and dexterity than I. Millie Novak was pretty amazing.

She was a very talented singer, had her own weekly radio show, and recorded several albums on the Balkan, Decca, and Marjon labels.

Tomas was a pallbearer at her funeral on Friday, October 2nd.  It rained all day, as we all gathered at the Slovenian home afterwards to eat and drink and talk.  It all seemed to happen in that odd slow motion/too fast dreamlike state.

But it is all over now, and we are all left with a melancholy going hand in hand with the beauty of this fall season.



The full obituary in the Sharon Harold gives the many details of her life, and I am going to stop here, as the writer below is much more eloquent than I.


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