“American Dumpling” Receives Its First Award!

Eileen Nelson and “American Dumpling” have just won their first award – the Alan J. Bailey Award for Excellence in Documentary Filmmaking.

Eileen will be attending a black tie dinner with the rest of the winners sometime in late July, where she will receive her award and most likely, she will have to make a short speech.  We will make certain that “Dumpling”  co-producer Darrell Hanzalik gets pictures.

In the meantime, you can go to the Action on Film trailer page, and watch not only the American Dumpling trailer, but trailers of all of the other films in the festival.


You can view a higher resolution version from Tomás’s site in a new window by clicking here. American Dumpling Trailer #1

Lastly, if any one of our faithful readers are in Los Angeles, and would like to see “American Dumpling” in the theatre, all info is below.


Regency Academy Theater 2,

1003 E. Colorado Blvd.

Pasadena, CA  91105


(626) 548-4058

Tickets are $8 apiece if purchased in advance, $10 at the box office.

“American Dumpling” screens Sunday, July 12th, at Noon.

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3 Responses to “American Dumpling” Receives Its First Award!

  1. Congrats on American Dumpling! I look forward to seeing it.
    Hope it will be available on DVD.

  2. Thank you Sue – your page looks very interesting, I have bookmarked it for future reference.

    The film will be available on DVD, and when it is, if we have any say over distribution, I will certainly check out your company.

    If nothing else, I will at least send you a copy. 🙂


    Kelly Mahan Jaramillo

  3. Thanks and I look forward to seeing what some of your future productions will be all about!

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