Life Just Got Really Hectic

Eileen Nelson, of “American Dumpling, just wrote to us.  Seems that “Dumpling” has now been accepted into another film festival, the “Action on Film” festival in Pasadena, California.  The festival starts on July 24th,  and there is this sudden mad scramble for a trailer, a press release, and all sorts of promo packages.

We just finished the full temp of “Ravana’s Game” and David had sent his notes on the first three reels, which we were going over carefully, when Eileen came crashing through the ceiling.

To add to the running-in-circles feeling, every time I sat down to hammer out a deal memo for the film that we are keeping quiet for now, there was some other instant commotion concerning a film that was finished over a year ago – “Dumpling”  – to the wrangling of “Ravana’s Game”.

So today was quiet – Summer is beginning, it is a wonderful excuse in the East to go slowly, as it is humid –  pick one small task, and work on it.  Today, for me, it was a legal document, something I am very careful with, and very slow at producing.


Yahoo, right?  Yes……..except that it is past one a.m and we are pushing ourselves into insanity to create a good package for the festival.

Tomas was waiting to hear back from David concerning the direction the music should go for “Ravana’s Game”, but he was not sitting about twiddling his thumbs.  He has taken Davis’s notes and focused on the temp cues that David approved, and was starting to build the melodies and themes, when suddenly, he had to put the music to the “Dumpling” trailer.

The reason for this sudden attack seems to be that Eileen does not have any time at all to pull together all of these requirements that the festival is asking for.  Maybe they thought she already had them.  In her defense, he beloved cat, Hannibal, died last month, and she was so bereft that depression won out over working on the film.  We understood, and stopped pushing her.

Bottom line?  We are juggling three film balls in the air, each one deserves the best we have to give, and we are exhausted.  It is a good exhaustion, though.  I think it is better to have too much creative work than none, but we still have to grumble.  I am not sure why, but we do.

On a totally different note, another congratulations to Kevin Greutert.

He is living proof that grim persistence has many rewards, if you do not drop dead first.

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