“Dumpling” Goes To *Galway, Ireland!

Oh what fun!  “American Dumpling” director Eileen Nelson wrote about a week ago, telling us that  “Dumpling” was accepted to the International Film Festival Ireland 2009.

My tribe comes through!

We received the OMF – Open Media Framework –  files from Eileen about a week ago, and with luck, after Tomas has finished Ravana’s Game, he will have a week before starting the new film (which we are keeping mum about right now) to approach mixer Bob Gremore, and if the stars are aligned properly, the two of them will be able to produce a mix with a touch more polish than “Dumpling” has at this point.

Once the second mix of ‘Dumpling” is finished, Eileen can re-submit to any festivals, and hopefully pick up some new ones along the way.

We are happy with this news, as we believe strongly in this documentary, and with one festival acceptance and a fresh mix under it’s belt, we may have just gotten the universe to crack open a bit.

To everyone out there who feels weary with their projects, one rejection too many, years going by, please, do not give up.  Keep pushing, ’cause right when you are about to throw your hands up and call it a day, the sky might just crack open a bit for you, too.

Tomas and I send out our best thoughts for everyone struggling to make an independent film – it is a long road, and the smallest victory is cause for much celebration.

Don’t give up!


*UPDATE: The International Film Festival Ireland 2009 has changed locations – it is now being held in Clonmel, County Tipperary, September 7th through September 12th.

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