Running ……..

Tomas has been temping Ravana’s Game, despite no time code picture, or me, his trusty co-worker, to take notes. I have not been well, and have been unable to do very much for the last three months.

However, David called a few nights ago, and we got to clear up some confusion, which was great, because,

a) he is the most wonderful conversationalist, 




b) It was my first day out of bed, off of bed rest.


How cool is that?  Tomas is using temp music featuring Peter Gabriel, Michael Convertino, and himself, as most of Michael Convertino’s work featured manipulated acoustic and ethnic  sounds created by Tomas.

He is mixing the temp, and will be sending David some scenes for approval.


In the meantime, there is a new film……


……to be continued………….

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