By Kelly Mahan Jaramillo, Dec.7th, 2008

Director Aminta Goyel of “The Morning Fog” is from India, and “The Morning Fog” was shot in Mumbai.

Tomas and I have been watching the news unfold over the past few weeks with growing horror and sadness, as we recognize some of the places where “The Morning Fog” was shot, as some of the targets for the terrorists attacks.

We realized that if we were feeling so shocked and numb, how on earth was Aminta?  Was she okay?  Her family?  

We were terrified at the prospect of writing her an e-mail, and receiving no answer.  The last time we saw Aminta was when the film was entered into the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles, April of 2007.

We have kept in touch via e-mail since then, and we know she is often jetting back and forth to India to visit her family. 

We gathered our courage and wrote to her, and she immediately wrote back, telling us that she and her family were all safe, but so much of Mumbai that has been destroyed in these terrible attacks were places she played as a child, and frequented as a teenager.  She said it was too close for comfort, and it was devastating to see her childhood haunts reduced to smoldering shells of a memory.

I cannot imagine seeing something like that in my hometown, this is an experience Tomas and I have not had.  The attacks in New York were the closest for all of us living in America, but I was not a native New Yorker, therefore, could only imagine the emotions on that day multiplied by thousands.  We worked on Aminta’s film, and for us, that felt too close for comfort.

Our thoughts go out to Aminta Goyel and her family, and to the many people we do not know in Mumbai who have lost so much.

Our sadness is collective, and our sorrow is bottomless.

Our prayers go out to the people of Mumbai.

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