New Projects, More Festivals For “Dumpling”.

By Kelly Mahan Jaramillo, Dec.2, 2008

I just received word yesterday that Eileen Nelson, Director of “American Dumpling” has entered it into three more festivals – the Los Angeles Film Festival, the London International Documentary Film Festival, and the AFI Dallas International Film Festival.

So, we are entered in numerous festivals, but again, will not know which ones have accepted “Dumpling” until some time in January, so until then, there is not a lot to be done on “Dumpling” besides wait, and on our end, start the process of the cue sheets, and the contract. I realize that getting the contract out after the score is finished is a little backwards, but since we have known Eileen for over a decade, we felt quite comfortable not working by the usual rules. Besides, Tomas was ready to jump right into writing, and when that happens, one does not want to interrupt the flow with legal paperwork.

To keep his creative spirit going while buried in paperwork, Tomas is going to be putting together a small trailer of “Dumpling” and it will be up on his web site. Until then, we are looking at Director David Eblen’s film “Ravana’s Game” – very promising! We only had the first two reels, and it was intriguing enough to request the rest of the film, which just arrived. We will be watching it tonight.

A young Indie filmmaker wrote an inquiry to Tomas last week concerning scoring his film.

Tomas also was approached by whohub for an interview for the movies and T.V. section – fun! Until you see the amount of questions, lol. Still fun, a little bit daunting with all of the other work to be done, though. Where to start?

Thank God “The Black Shield” is still in the final screenwriting stage, otherwise I would have to take Tomas down to the basement and start the cloning process.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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