Kudo’s To Danny Elfman

By Kelly Mahan Jaramillo, Oct. 29th, 2008

If you go to Tomas’s web page and read his bio, you will see that many years ago he worked with composer Danny Elfman on “Proof of Life”, “The Hulk”, “Planet of the Apes” and “Red Dragon”.  For about ten years, Tomas’s ‘day job’, if you will. was as a music/sound element creator, and his work was in great demand from many composers.

Back in 2002, we made the tough decision to stop generating income that way – although the pay ranged from good to great, it was freelance and spotty, and Tomas was spending more time working round the clock to create music libraries to enhance other composers work.

We held our breath, and chose instead to have Tomas focus his energies on his own composing, and although the actual yearly dollar amount in our household is less, the creative satisfaction really is something money cannot buy.

However, it was a great ten years for Tomas, as he learned a lot from each composer, and most every one of them was generous with sharing their individual approaches to film scoring.  To this day, he has great appreciation for the time spent with them.

We were just talking about Danny the other day, when lo and behold, look what we found!



We are really excited to see Danny being so politically outspoken, and want to send him our congratulations.  You can read the full story from the Huffington Post by clicking the link below.


Only six more days to go.

PLEASE!  Everyone get out there and vote. Normally we are not political on this site, but this election is the exception.


As far as Tomas’s film scoring, as we wait for “American Dumpling” to be accepted into the below mentioned Film Festivals, there is another new film waiting in the wings – we have viewed the first two reels, and are intrigued enough to request the rest of the film.  It is being sent to us as I write this.  More later on the progress of the “American Dumpling” trailer, and the as yet undecided new film.


We Support Obama/Biden ’08

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