It’s Festival Time! And Spectacle Time! We’re Dizzy.

By Kelly Mahan Jaramillo, Oct. 1st, 2008

I probably deserve a slap on the wrist for not talking about what is extremely important today, not only to myself but to so many others – – the V.P. Debate tomorrow.  Don’t worry, I will yammer to high heaven along with everybody else, but not until it has happened.  Besides, I can already do such a spot-on imitation of Sarah Palin that poor Tomas will not be able to write a note if I do not quit it.  It physically hurts the man.

So here is the exciting news on “Dumpling”.  Director Eileen Nelson entered “American Dumpling” into these five festivals:




South By Southwest


Palm Springs International Film Festival.


After so much hard work under some circumstances that were beyond dicey, to actually have “American Dumpling” finally ready and submitted, is as unreal as living in a place where it is not one hundred degrees in fall.  We just had rain off and on today, and the leaves on all the trees around our house are starting to turn.  The old Sony Television did not seem to make the trip, so Tomas and I are watching all of our news via live feed on the computer.  

Keep your fingers crossed that “American Dumpling” gets accepted into these festivals, and try not to let your eyes cross too much during the debate tomorrow night.  They could stick that way……

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2 Responses to It’s Festival Time! And Spectacle Time! We’re Dizzy.

  1. Eileen Nelson says:

    thanks for the plug. I also entered Ann Arbor Film Festival. The winning films get to tour the country and you get paid!

  2. What more could you ask for? Just have them drop you off here for an extended stay. We miss you!

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