It is SO nice to be back! “American Dumpling” is still alive!

By Kelly Mahan Jaramillo, July 20th, 2008

Hello everyone – 

I am sorry it has been three months since there has been any movement over here, but life got so nutty that keeping the blog updated was just not possible.  I will talk about it in bits and pieces, information scattered throughout all three blogs, but for today, Tomas and I just want to say that we are alive, well, and have relocated.  We have left Los Angeles and now live on the East Coast, and frankly, we couldn’t be more excited about our decision.  Right now, while it is a billion degrees in L.A., we are having a thunder and lightning storm.  How cool is that?


We are still in transition insofar as finding our own house, so we are staying with family and friends while we hunt for our next home.  As I mentioned, it is exciting, but can also be quite challenging.  So far, we are still standing, writing and working.  So, here is our composing news as of today:

We spent May – June in a studio in Ojai, California, where Tomas had time to do a full re-mastering of the “American Dumpling” score, which he just sent off to director Eileen Nelson.  The original mix is very good, considering the amount of stress we were under, however, to be able to listen to it in a different studio, with considerably less anxiety going on, was a dream.

All of our belongings and Tomas’s studio are still in storage, and we have a temporary set-up for our computers, but that is all for now.  However, Tomas managed to send the new music mix of “Dumpling” to Eileen and to Dave West, the engineer over at Digital Dreams Sound who is working on “Dumpling”.  We are hoping the new re-mastering got to him on time, as last week, word had it that he was still working on the production sound and sound effects in the film.

We are slowly getting back up and running, after an extremely tough year.  For anyone out there who is in a pickle, due to a strike, or a layoff, or everyday gas prices, hang in there.  We did not think we were going to make it, and we did.  Even though we are still barely at the starting line of our new adventure, all signs and events indicate that we are going in the right direction.  As cliche’d as it sounds, sometimes you really do have to shut one door before another can open.


I guess……if the Universe says “Jump!” – what the hell.  JUMP!  What do you have to lose?

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