Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund

By Kelly Mahan Jaramillo, April 17th, 2008

The FMSMF is a wonderful organization.  Tomas has money sitting there, and they are desperate to give it to him.

However, none of the composers he worked for for the last twenty years put him on contracts.  There is proof on every film that he played, had a credit, but certain contractors did not put him on or were not told to put him on as a player.

I am not going to give the names of the people who took advantage of Tomas when he was first starting out – the list is too long, and all of the players are pointing the finger at someone else, so it is pointless.

I just want to throw out a word of warning to young composers who are just starting out, perhaps creating musical sound elements for big name composers, or working closely with a big name composer in any capacity, to make absolutely sure that you are on the contract.

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