It most certainly is NOT Obsessive Compulsive Disorder!

By Kelly Mahan Jaramillo, March 12th, 2008

The nerve, saying people have OCD when they are just super-duper organized.

For example, Tomas is in the middle of master mixing “American Dumpling” 4m1.

I am busy packing a small box, and am getting very creative with a huge paper cutter, cardboard, and styrofoam.

The styrofoam is old, and a bit hard to manage. Once the perfect piece is cut, it seems to come to life, and starts shedding mountains of tiny little styrofoam balls.

I will worry about it later, as I am determined to pack the box, so that I can write it down on the “To Do” list, then check it off. The list has the time the box was packed, and a blue pen check mark on the right, a red checkmark on the left.

Once this is finished, I must deal with the floating pile of styrofoam balls.

Time to vacuum. Problem. This house has rather unpredictable circuit issues, and I cannot just willy-nilly plug in the vacuum – if the circuits blow, there goes Tomas’s work.

I warn him of the impending vacuum issue, and he says not to worry, just let him know and he will hit save forty or fifty times and wait.

I urge him to continue working, let’s see if we can’t tackle these babies with a dustpan.

We/I cannot. This must go on the list, and I have to report that it is time to plug in the vacuum.

Me: “Okay, have you saved?”

Tomas: “Yep, go ahead.”

Me: “Okay, plugging in now. You’ve saved?”

Tomas: “Yep”

Me: “Okay.”

Despite the (don’t say OCD, I am warning you) urge to get every little ball sucked into the vacuum, I let a few slide, and turn off the vacuum.

Me: “Okay, done.”

Tomas: “Okay.”

Me: “Nothing gone? Music okay?”

Tomas: “Yep”

Me: “Okay, I am taking the vacuum into the living room now.”

Tomas: “Great.”

The cue plays along as I tiptoe with the vacuum into the living room, upon seeing that the living room needs to be vacuumed also, I freeze, but only for a moment. I am saved by the trash can, which is still in my office.

Must write down on list that vacuum is in living room to be vacuumed later.

As if I were handling Italian blown glass, I remove the trash can from my office, so not one little styrofoam ball will escape.

Next – kitchen, to grab indoor recycling bin and set by front door, where trash has been set, to go outside and dump into barrels, as tonight is barrel night.

Which then goes onto the list.

This is organization, people. Not some silly disorder.

I now must go write down on the list that I wrote this today.

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4 Responses to It most certainly is NOT Obsessive Compulsive Disorder!

  1. You are so funny, Kelly, and a kindred spirit in (not)OCD. I hope the move is going well.

  2. I am not the funny one, the circumstances deserve the credit,but thank you anyway, darling.

    I am more than happy to take credit as the funny one because I hate the circumstances! HA!

    As I was finishing the post, to go and continue being OrGaNiZed, Tomas had the nerve to stand up and think he needed to use the facilities, but was it an ordinary use of that little room?

    KIDNEY STONES!! Three kidney stones decided to pay a visit!

    And we think nobody loves us.

  3. OCD = Only Crap Deleted

    The definition of “crap” is individual in nature. “Organization of Collected Dementia” might be better for those who hold onto “things”. Reminding oneself of what one has done in the throws of utter world insanity is in itself sane.
    Make a list all. Calm the “bad” thoughts. Do whatever it takes until the world catches fire.

    It’s not OCD, it’s “Only Cheating Death” the one thing Kavorkian knew wasn’t the BIG issue.

    When we get through the day together, (yes, even as I passed my third kidney stone last night) as you were trying to write this, it seems to make it all worth it.

    However, Calling the Mother Ship seems so much more sane. Onward and “Beam us up!”. We’ll make lists for you, Scotty, we know you need them. We’ve seen it on your face many times.

    Your Partner in loans, stones, and groans –

    Oh, and Hi Sherri! Are you and your (not OCD) self chopping a tree or writing your fingers into nubbins?
    Your are as gorgeous as Kelly said. Loved the Moon Kitten……

  4. Ohmygod comments it has to go on the list bye bye

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