Kenneth from “30 Rock”?

By Kelly Mahan Jaramillo, Dec. 30, 2007

I was just quietly sitting behind Tomas while he is mastering the strings on 4m1 of “Dumpling”. Enjoying the quiet strings, having a cigarette, my very tired head swaying slightly to the cello part.

Tomas leans back, turns to me and says, “Why?”

A thousand questions and answers collide, creating brain freeze, so I go with the simple, “Why what?”

“Why did Kenneth the Page from ’30 Rock’ just pop into my head? I am totally focused on this cello part, Kenneth looks nothing like eighty-three year old Al in the film where the cue is playing, why?”

His eyes are screaming help me help me, please help me.

I have a million answers, and if I give them, Tomas will be out of the zone, and the strings will not get finished tonight.

“Maybe Kenneth’s God is telling you that the cello is beautiful.”

I stay with simple long enough to not fall down in hysterical laughter like last time, manage to get into my office, where I am now just recovering from nearly smothering myself in a pillow. My face is soaked with laughing tears, and I believe I may have wet myself.

Oh yes, stay with simple as long as you can, so that you can get into bed before one a.m. and watch “30 Rock”.

Renee and Rod, you were the reason, you know you were.

And for the one in Erie, Pennsylvania – –

Hi Doo-ga-la!

Okey-dokey, g’night all.

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