Oh the Weather Outside is…..Creepy

By Kelly Mahan Jaramillo, Dec 25th, 2007

and we feel the wind so deeply,

but as long as the wind will blow,

Let it go, let it go, let it know –

That it is like a haunted house over here.

Tomas is master mixing very delicate instruments, and the wind outside is so strong, all of the flora and fauna are smashing about, the little chimes are screaming and crashing into the sliding glass door, much unexplained thumping against the walls, and this is just the house.

Fire engines are barreling down the main street two blocks down, sirens at full throttle, and now helicopters are roaring overhead.

The cats are freaked out and running around, crying and shaking the little bells on their collars.

Could a composer ask for better sound conditions?  Obviously Satan is feeling very festive, and clearly lives just two doors down!  We should send him a holiday card!

We’re just trying to work, folks. Just trying to finish the mix.

Obviously, there is a God, as we are not out shopping and caroling and have no festive lights on the house, and that is simply Not Okay.

I was trying to be quiet and enjoy the delicate flutes, but finally after jumping out of my skin one time too many, I just started laughing and could not stop.

Really good co-producing tonight.  What would Tomas do without my focused, serious input?

Everybody have a lovely day tomorrow, Tomas and I will be thinking of all of you while we hide under the bed and unwrap our sanity.

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