Reel Five, Music Cue 2, 3 and 4.

By Kelly Mahan Jaramillo, Dec. 16th, 2007

Oh happy last night.  The final music mix of the last cue of American Dumpling is finished, music mixed, and sent off to director Eileen Nelson and co -producer Darrell Hanzelik for approval. It is three cues tied into one.  Not easy.

Eileen will be back in town in a day or two, and now we wait for the “thumbs up”.

Wish us luck, but rather than waiting, Tomas is doing the final music mix prep for the whole film.  MUST FINISH!!

No time to dilly dally, as we may also have found a new place to live, and are cautiously optimistic.  Events just might be falling into place.

Now maybe I can be a bit of a less mean, sad, insane, screaming-crying-laughing-apologetic music co-producer, and just be a mean, sad, insane, screaming-crying-laughing apologetic wife who loves her husband.

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