It Is All A Crash To Me

By Kelly Mahan Jaramillo Dec. 9th 2007

Okay, the week has flown by, and I finally got the opportunity to ask Tomas why, why, why all of the computer crashing, did he have an answer? I am a jumpy sort and can get testy and anxiety-riddled when I am in the dark.

Compared to most people out there writing blogs, I am a layman. Tomas is not. He does the upgrades to my computer, zipping around even if he is half asleep.

I like being on a Mac computer due to less of a virus issue, and because it just seems nicer. I like it when my little bit of gear is nice to me and does not make me cry or make me mad.

Tomas and I sat down tonight while taking a food break, and I asked, (borderline whined, I admit) why all of the crashing? Was there a virus? I thought Mac’s did not get sick!

“The older ones did, once in a while,” he explained, “System 8 had a bad one years ago that could also infect system 9, but System 10 is solid.”

Okay. So… there a demon in the house? Are we near someone wearing braces like Laurie on “The Partridge Family”, when she was picking up music through her braces because of her boyfriends transistor radio?

So that I do not come off as a total numbnuts, I keep these questions in my poor worried little head.

Tomas can read my furrowed brow quite easily. He continues.

“The problem was ‘Under the Hood’, just like a car, meaning that underneath the whole system, deep in the bowels of OSX, there was a minor miscommunication on the clock reference speed, unbeknownst to me. This minor issue was causing me major headaches, and multiple gear freezes.”

It still feels and sounds like a crash or a virus, but I have been trained to jump through the roof at the mere hint of gear shutting down in any way, despite all of the patient explanations. Not to mention the exhaustion and sighing and head in hands from his end of things.

It is Pavlovian, obviously.

“What was starting to flip me out was the fact that so many freezes would eventually resulted in the session/cue file being corrupted or damaged, and all of the work on this version of the last “Dumpling” cue would have been lost. Thus, my borderline meltdown.”  He smiled, tired, but it was a smile.

I understand now.

I also understand that Mac OSX is much more stable than the composer is right now.

I think System 10 is much more stable than either of us will ever be.

And I have to admit, during his explanation, I felt like I was watching the television show “Numbers”, where Charlie, the Math Genius, breaks it down so the not-math-genius folk can understand it, and therefore enjoy the show.

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