Door Number One, Door Number Two, Door Number…help

By Kelly Mahan Jaramillo, Nov.30, 2007

This final cue of American Dumpling has, it seems, sent Tomas into a realm of insanity that I am not sure he will come back from.

I know this because last night I had one foot in this black pit, as we were listening to three versions where the orchestra transitions into the theme, which then leads us into full end credits. We were both very tired, and I was, as usual, brought in to be ‘fresh ears’. Part of the music co-producing gig.

On an aside, I hate having the word ‘producer’ in there, what with the Writers Strike and the fat-cat producers a shining example of the epitome of greed, but….there are many kinds of producers, and my job as Tomas’s partner is actually hard work. God knows, I am not sitting back counting my money while other people sweat it out. No, I am one of the sweaty sweaters.

Hey, maybe that is my new credit! Music co-sweaty sweater!

I like it. I like it very much.

And what classic film did that line come from? I will give you one hint: Vivian Pickles, 1971.

Once again, ( try to get used to it), I digress.

The facts concerning this last cue are:

1) Tomas’s equipment is being pushed to the limit, and it is very very tired, therefore, full orchestral playback is not an accurate representation of actual tempo, and although he knows this, in his exhaustion he starts hearing nothing but crap. This is where I am supposed to be able to be “fresh ears”.

2) No bias allowed in the studio when I come in, I have to listen with no love for him. Usually this is fairly easy, because I am get impatient with the fact that he will not recognize his burnout and micro-tweaking and get up and walk around the block. Or eat something. Or sit outside and pet the cats, whatever. I have to admit, when one is a crazed perfectionist, this is easier said than done. Still, it pushes my love for him back into my own office until we are finished.

However, last night he unintentionally invited me into his world, as he had written three different transitions, all gorgeous. But he took me down his path of insanity as to what will work with picture, and what he feels is not musical without picture.

Even though I kept saying, “You are writing to film, stop thinking soundtrack,” he had already infected me with the “cue alone” virus. The more he tried to explain that it was not a soundtrack issue, the more I did not want to hear WHAT the issue was, listen to the cue ONLY with picture playing!
Before I knew it, the studio was swirling, I could not tell if we were on choice number one, two, or three, I could not program in the numbers to get back to where I wanted to hear the transition, I felt as if someone had dosed my water with LSD.

I made my choice, he was surprised, as it was his least favorite, I explained why I liked it, asked him what his choice was, we listened, we managed to eliminate transition number one, but then….the more I heard his choice, number three, the more I liked it, where as the more we played my choice, number two, the more he liked it.

The game show Let’s Make A Deal, I mean, Let’s Pick A Cue had gone way past it’s air time, and if we did not shut it down and start with fresh ears this morning, we were going to be roaming the streets, ranting and muttering, in a matter of minutes.

Guess what saved us? Food and a lack of cigarettes. We left the studio like zombies, watched a little television, and woke up feeling as if we had guzzled a bottle of cheap blended scotch.

The final pick last night was Number Two, and it stayed the pick this morning after the tea kicked in and we started moving around. All was good, when just as I was writing this, I saw Tomas walking out of the studio, and felt both pleased that he was finally getting some air, and slightly guilty at what I had just written. But, he was walking away from the computer crashing again, and decided to get some air while the rebooting went on.

The guy did not need a music co-producer, he needed a friend. And that is where the job ends and Tomas is merely my beloved husband, and I want to, and do, hug him, laugh with him at the real estate flyer stuck in the door, and eat lunch, trying to gross him out with food mastications. Laughter ensues, which we both need. Oh my heavens, we are both taking A Break.

He is back in the studio, and I am now finished.

It has been a good day.

What will evening bring?

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4 Responses to Door Number One, Door Number Two, Door Number…help

  1. iamthelostgirl says:

    Response to Comment left on ”Brad Pitt Might Be a B*st*rd”… An Open Letter to Kelly,

    The comment you just left on my site is the single nicest post that I have ever gotten and the exact type of post I always hoped I would get!

    I can’t say in good faith that I have had such a profound event in my life as your very unfortunate accident, rather a series of many, many, little rather soul destroying events at work and at home. The reason I started the blog was because I was sad, lonely, and frustrated and don’t really have anywhere to vent in real life, and was hoping to bump into a few like minded people online. I was hoping that some would relate to things I write about myself/ how I am struggling in my life, in addition to finding my celeb posts rather funny. I am delighted that you like what I do and you are more than welcome to rant on my blog anytime as well!
    I have only been writing my little blog for three weeks and some change, and there has been the odd time that I wanted to scrap it, but nice comments like yours make me want to keep going.
    Sometimes luck is the best/ only way that you get people to read your posts and you just cross your fingers that they come back even one more time. I hope I am able to keep giving you food for thought, and you come back to visit some time?!
    P.S. I never thought you and your hubby were crazy… funny as hell, but not crazy. It’s never meant as an insult when I read commenters websites. I always check, as it seems like good practice, if I may essentially drive traffic to them. I am only concerned about protecting anyone that may click on my links.
    I’m gonna come on over and have a proper look through your site in a bit, thanks for the invite.

  2. Oh Yay LostGirl – I am so happy to “see” you! And believe me, it does not have to take some “big event” in your life to make you feel sad, lonely and frustrated – frankly, I think the daily chipping away at one’s sense of soul and self is much more insidious and ultimately leaves you with emptiness inside. Seriously, I can at least point to the car accident and know what it did and did not do insofar as change my sense of self. That is one upside to a crappy random incident.

    But, oddly enough, you picked this blog to comment on, and the director of the film Tomas is scoring is a woman named Eileen Nelson, and we were just commiserating about how all of the “little” things were coming a bit too fast and furious, and we were both starting to feel completely hopeless. I do my best to find something of value in an apparently lousy situation, the old “glass half full” outlook, and when I lose that, I go extremely under the wire and feel utterly miserable.

    I am so glad to have found you – it was fate, I had never gone tooling around that particular area of wordpress, and it would be a real loss if you gave up your blog. I, for one, would be terribly bummed. And as always, it is ALL ABOUT ME, lol.

    And you can bet I will be back – I cannot wait to read your archives, and catch up. It is going to have to be like a reward, a coveted treat after I feel I have put in my time with what I deem my responsible writing. AKA walking around in circles standing still.

    And trust me when I say I was extremely glad you checked me/us out – I was falling asleep studying stats and trying to learn more, and seeing you on the stats woke me right up and I felt great, because, like I said on your post, it is just good smarts, good old fashioned common sense in this wildly erratic Internet world we all live in.

    And I am a newbie to wordpress, too – as you can see, this blog only started in August. I had a two year story running on blogspot before Google took it over, it was supposed to run in tandem with the political satire column at DeadBrain US, but the editor finally had to shut it down a year ago, he just had too much on his plate. So, I have kept the story going, but it got very wobbly and I had no idea where I was going with it, so I am in the process of wrapping it up. Still don’t know where it is going, but it needs to say goodnight.

    So, for being new on wordpress, your site looks great – I will probably be bugging you with “how the hell did you get such-and-such to DO that?”

    And thank you for the invite to rant on your page – If I don’t get some of this out of my head, it is going to explode, and I cant keep going bugshit on my blogs – if I drive myself insane, it is kind of horrid to yank the few folks that read mine into the pit!

    But I promise I will keep the humor in.

    Well, I am going to wrap it up for the night, I just finished a long post on Bobby D the Crow, and that was the day and keeping my temper in check has wiped me out. I am going to go watch “My Name is Earl” and “Scrubs” and escape into some really brilliant screenwriting. Just my opinion – I got along famously with a co-worker who hated “Scrubs” – lively debate, always fun.

    I hope your weekend is a bit more upbeat, and we will talk again very soon!



  3. iamthelostgirl says:

    Hi Kelly

    Thanks for the reply, it was nice to hear from you too.

    I don’t want to clutter up your page, I really don’t mind if you need to take these posts down to keep everything clean as it were.

    I have to say I feel your pain with having too much nonsense going on in your head at one time. It’s irritating and distracting, to say the least. I used to write songs and poetry when I was in school to let it all out, but now I have moved with the times and started blogging my brains out.

    I am genuinely pleased you like my blog. There’s some real gems in there, if I do say so myself. I’m gonna take some time to read yours properly tomorrow and make a comment or two.

    I would be honoured to be added to the blogroll on What Happened?!, I saw the tagline and thought ‘oh man, I HAVE to be on there!’

    May I add What Happened?! to my blogroll, please?

    P.S. From now on if you need to chat about anything non- blog related you may use my email. I think it should come up in the comments section of your dashboard?

    Also… liking the word ‘bugshit’, I heard ‘batshit’ on Jezebel, but I like your word more LOL.


  4. music says:

    very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

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