I Am Going To Make It Easy

By Kelly Mahan Jaramillo, Nov. 16th, 2007


On the budget and deadline issue, I offer this visual. Enjoy!


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3 Responses to I Am Going To Make It Easy

  1. Samuel Klaric says:

    Interesting site. I guess this fun graphic could be applied not just to music but to anything else in life that is created or made.

    The Ford Companies debacle in the late eighties comes to mind. Rushing out vehicles too quickly brought their quality of vehicles down and they seem to have never recovered from it. Plastic toys that break, computers forced to run on systems that are rushed out to make money for the stock holders of a company (i.e. windows Vista) instead of making a product that’s better for the people who buy and use it, the whole faster is better mentality.

    Sorry, I’m getting off point here. Kind of. (the old “Don’t get me started.” thing)

    I liked reading about this film “American Dumpling”. Especially today, as I sit still tryptophaned out on our official day after thanksgiving calm. The title intrigued me so I had to dig back to your August 24th post to find out more.

    You wrote: “American Dumpling is about families of all races and ethnicities, and the fact that if one boils the world down to flour, water, and salt, one can forget about “blood” – we all have the same desires. It is an off beat, quirky documentary, that speaks volumes of truth while tangenting off into the our own quiet worlds of truth that we rarely share with each other. So we cook, and hope everyone loves the food.”

    I’d love to see more because we all share a need to spend time together and special “quality” meals that take “time” remind me that we can’t rush through our lives and expect them to have clarity. In remembering all the truly home-cooked meals I’ve enjoyed (with a dab of family dysfunction always added and absolutely required) reminded me that it’s the time we spend making these authentic meals together that matters. Certainly NOT rushing through them so we can shop and drop, buy till we die, watch programs where all the characters are doing the same, just to stay ahead of the inevitable end. The end will come, it’s enjoying it as best we can, while waiting for the inevitable, that makes all the difference.

    I myself rarely take the time anymore to slow down. I hope this movie shows one thing. That cooking done well, forces us to actually enjoy ourselves.

  2. Hi Mr. Klaric –
    I am so glad you enjoyed “the Golden Triangle” – and you have a very valid point, it is not limited to the film industry.
    The rush rush rush you speak of seems to be the state of everything today, be it a business, or somebody barreling down the street in a gigantic SUV, roaring somewhere, while keeping the kids “quiet” with a DVD player in the back seat, and the driver talking non-stop on the cell phone – at least, that is the norm if you live in L.A. (If you have a cell phone, please do not take it personally – my husband and I are the last holdouts concerning the cell phone, and to my great sadness, it looks like we are finally going to have to give in). And this little rant is MY ‘Dont get me Started’, lol.

    Well, we are still pounding away at the last cue, and after that it needs to be fully dubbed – leveling out all of the sound effects and music and dialogue so that you can actually hear the film I am not going to assume that anyone outside of post production understands ‘post-speak” – why would they? Half the time the post folks themselves, present company included, get completely garbled up.

    I hope you come back, and when American Dumpling is ready to be screened, you will find all of the info on this blog.


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