Back to American Dumpling, thank GOD

By Kelly Mahan Jaramillo, Nov. 2nd, 2007

It is so nice to write about the projects Tomas is working on rather than breathing fire over the “no money” issue. It is a mission of mine for all composers, but still, I would rather write about the music, and the fun insanity that goes along with trying to write, rather than, say, the ongoing dispute over a credit card charge, or the hospital bill. After an hour on the phone with that nonsense, all creative juice has run dry, and we both find ourselves doing just about anything to get back into our respective chairs.

BUT! Here we are – Tomas has temped the last cue, and is now writing. For those of you unfamiliar with temping, it is taking a piece of already written music by another composer in the style you are striving for, and making sure the style actually works before spending days pulling your hair out because it is not working.

It is generally a music editors job, and a fairly easy and fun one at that. But if you do not have a background based in music, well….

Two of the best temp music editors I have ever worked with are the team
Bunny Andrews and Terry Delsing. Both talented, both extremely smart and musical. I was lucky to have worked with them, as I learned a lot. This fancy ‘music co-producer’ title I did not earn all alone, nor did I get it because my husband loves me and I make a mean hard boiled egg sandwich.

(The secret? If you read the novelist Sue Grafton, her detective Kinsey Millhone lives on these sandwiches, and you simply do exactly what she does. I am not going to tell you, you have to read the books. And you have to call it “the Kinsey Sandwich”).

We are mixing the film at Digital Dreams, the fine house of another great team, Clancy Troutman and David J. West.

American Dumpling director Eileen Nelson and I are so excited, but on our last few phone calls, I confessed that I was getting melancholy that we were coming to the end. I may have already written this, but now it is uninterrupted writing time for Tomas, and brainstorming where to have our cast and crew screening from me, and we are flying. I know that when the last cue is finished, Tomas is going to revisit 2m3, thin it out a bit, then start mixing from 1m1 all the way down the line. Still, ’empty nest’ syndrome is looming larger every day.

Well, I can be a big giant baby, or look forward to City of Fire, which is waiting patiently (thank you Gerry), and the next film after that and the next……

As long as Tomas is alive, he will be writing music. But each film is special, and it is hard to let them go.

Oh, a quick P.S. for serious music lovers

You might really enjoy reading Rick Sanchez’s blog on Jorma Kaukonen.

Thanks for visiting!


Tomas Hradcky, composer, currently working on the documentary American Dumpling, is calling it a night and we are going to go make the Kinsey sandwich.

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