When It Rains, It Pours, Or, The City Is On Fire

By Kelly Mahan Jaramillo, Oct.23rd, 2007

Serious Apologies. I have not documented where we are at in a while, but either the days are flying, or we are middle aged and slow. Which ever it is, it is causing the days and nights to blend into one long “gotta do, what is the priority, everything has to come first, and OH JOY! More inquiries about Tomas Hradcky and his film scores and would he be interested in……

YES he would be interested, but he cannot clone himself, nor create a 48 hour day. Plus he has to deal with my incessant irritation and questions about my web page and blogs, and irritation at a certain director who will not give me a list I need for timing notes, and the overall Irish temper. We went from, as Tara Zucker said,”it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity,” to “it’s not just wind, it’s the dry, eye itchy, skin cracking, extremely scary Santa Ana winds here in Los Angeles.” UGH!

I am hanging on by my fingernails to keep my aggravation in check, not holler for Tomas every time I run into a snag building the webpage, or trying to refrain from vocalizing my relief that my biography subject Warren King is okay, as he is 83 years old and lives in Santa Clarita. Scary.

Our “American Dumpling director, Eileen Nelson, drove back from Las Vegas, where she visits her mother (who is in the film – Marie is a hoot) yesterday, so we are in a panic about her – Luckily, I just received an e-mail from both of them, everyone is safe and sound.

But I have to ask, is it just me, or is fire season getting worse every year?

I am a second generation native, as I am sure I have mentioned before, and I always hated the Santa Ana’s, but I think these are the worst because we have had no damned rain!! Maybe I am stating the obvious.

Anyway, Tomas is now mixing 5m1, and he is a bit fried. Soon tonight, my job as fresh ears will be requested, and I am a deer in the headlights. However, in order to earn my fancy credit of music co-producer, I have to shake it all off and concentrate 100% on the cue.

So far, I have been able to do it when I am too tired, too wired, am in the middle of something glamorous like changing Bobby the Crow’s papers and my OCD kicks in hard, telling me how unacceptable a half finished chore is, you name it, I have been able to put it on the back burner.

But tonight there are so many things I need to write, to do, I am so upset about how many people are watching their homes go up in flames, our animals are all jumpy as they can smell the acrid air, and I feel foolish concentrating on music while right over the hill people are in dire straits, I am craving a cigarette and am terrified to smoke one, visions of one ember, just one little ember…

I think I need to squish my head very, very hard.

Okay, done.

It came to me that every time I felt unable to critique a cue but went ahead and did, I did not have to try. Tomas’s writing just took over, and everything else in my mind settles down.
I do not believe I am biased because he is my husband, as I am able to catch a problem and we work well together, so we discuss, rather than react.

What I believe his music, and music in general does, is stop the inner and outer panic and insanity because it is the universal language. It has the magic to soothe our beasts and demons, it has the ability to make us feel not so alone, it can talk, it can travel, it can raise deep emotions – music can do anything to all of us. Sometimes I wonder if music is God. Many people believe math gets one close to God, and there is much math in music, so even if one does not believe in a traditional God, music has the ability to take you other places that might seem otherworldly.

Writing is wonderful, but music is magic.

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