A small rant, with a touch of hope

By Kelly Mahan Jaramillo, Oct. 16th, 2007

Since George W Bush stole the election in 2000, everything and everyone has gone south, whether it be physically, financially, emotionally, logically or just plain in denial, you name it.

I have been battling depression for a very long time, and this damned administration has not helped. There have been too many thoughts along the lines of,
“Oh who gives a damn? Nobody reads books anymore, nobody is going to listen to exquisite music, the world is coming to an end and none of this matters, we just have to go find a cave in Croatia somewhere and enjoy each others company until we die.”

Luckily, a few television shows and a few movies and a few musicians have given us hope because, have you noticed that so many of the movies coming out right now are dealing with Iraq, corruption, bad business going on all around. It is nice to see that George Clooney is fearless, it is nice to watch “Boston Legal” and hear David E. Kelley write dialogue that is sometimes subversive, often so right in your face, it is nice to hear that Bruce Springsteen is singing it raw and loud on his new album “Magic”, and he is being called unpatriotic.

Springsteen is being called unpatriotic!! You have to laugh, even if it is tinged with hysteria.

Bruce was interviewed on “Sixty Minutes” last week, and he was quite clear about why we cannot fold into ourselves, that when it gets totally dark, we have to sing, we must write, we cannot stop. This is our country, and we may not live long enough to take it back from the despotic hands it has fallen into, but we can live long enough to keep singing, keep writing, keep filming.

In spite of dealing with so much hardship this administration has wrought upon people, in spite of my own depressed, pessimistic outlook, I would like to live long enough to see many members of this administration in handcuffs, and the O’Reillys, Coulters, and Malkins of the world somehow be rendered unable to speak or type.

Wouldn’t that be sweet?

Does anyone else think that maybe Al Gore is the Archangel Michael paying a much needed visit?

After all, George W. fits the Biblical description of the Anti-Christ to a tee…..

Okay, must get my head out of Armageddon and back to music timing notes for Tomas’s first score of a feature length film, the cult movie “Laughing Dead“.

Music timing notes are laborious and slow, and frankly, every time I sit down to work on them, I have a sudden desire to clean the house.

Really, it is the extremely glamourous work of co-producing film scores. 🙂

At least the title of the film is appropriate to my overall mood today.

Mush On!

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