By Kelly Mahan Jaramillo, Oct. 14th, 2007

I am tired. I do not know if it is age, or a touch of ADD, or the constant back pain from a nasty car accident last year, but I am forgetting a lot lately.

For example, during the eight years I worked with composer John Williams, which was incredibly fertile ground for learning, I was constantly soaking up information, storing it, and able to call it up in my sleep. Now I cannot find an ashtray I was using two hours ago.

John Williams and I became good friends during that time, and he told me about how he had thrown his back out ten years ago, and was unable to conduct for four months. He shared with me the name of a fabulous woman who dealt with back pain. I need to look her up and get her DVD to start using the same exercises for my back that John did. She had a great name, we used to laugh about it – Kathy Bonebreak. Or was it Breakbone? Or Bendbone….

I think I have made my point.

I used to tease a friend of mine who would get irritated with me when I did not remember one of her particular adventures.
“Kelly”, she would say, her southern accent tinged with exasperation, “you remember! When I was living in that place! When I drove that car! You know, when I was dating that guy!”

“Christina,” I would beg, “you have moved and dated a lot, and I think you are on your fifth car. Just give me a noun, just one noun, and maybe I can navigate from there.”

For years I called her “my noun-less friend”.

Well, Karma has caught up with me. Being a music co-producer requires wearing many hats, and I feel as if my brain has started doing Elaine from Seinfled’s dance. I am getting a bit nervous, so to try and cover up my sudden inability to remember anything, I have become noun-less.

Tomas wrote one cue in American Dumpling that the director, Eileen Nelson, did not take to. This is the job, this is normal. She fell in love with every other cue, and now that we are on Reel Five, I suggested she go back and revisit the cue, perhaps she would hear the overall theme that Tomas was laying out.

For the life of me, I could not remember the the rejected cue, and to my horror, found myself saying,
“You know, the one near the beginning that is one of the two themes, the one with strings….you know,” I finished lamely.

“Oh, yes, 2m1” she said.

Now, Eileen complains that she cannot remember anything either, so the fact that she could call up that cue instantly, with nothing but useless information from me, frankly, it’s not good. There are three cues in reel one, three or four in reel two, so saying “near the beginning”…..not helpful. There are two themes in the score, and they have names. The score is string and piano based, so saying “the one with strings”……

You know, when we lived in that house, when we had that cat, you know, that day we woke up and brushed our teeth! You remember that day!

Thank God Tomas and I are married and he cannot fire me. And a small aside, he is going through the same issue, so even if he could fire me, he would most likely forget.

I have to remember to remind him to write “Fire Wife!” on his to-do list.

After all, I have to handle many things so he can concentrate on writing. It’s my job.

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