Catching Up With Myself

By Kelly Mahan Jaramillo, Sept. 1st, 2007

Today, there is so much to talk about concerning the business of composing, but it is 103 degrees and I don’t want to discuss it, because the moment I turn on the big computer and the emulators and do any recording, that means the little Air Conditioner in Tomas’s studio will have to be turned off, or everything will blow up. This is not creative weather, and if anyone is managing to get a little brain activity going, well, hat’s off.

Yesterday was the same, and tomorrow is going to be worse! How exciting!
So, rather than trying to write anything concerning music, I thought I would print out a few pages of my novel “The School”, run them by Tomas, and start some good old fashioned red pen editing.

I had wanted to send some more pages of to the FGNC. Who are they again? Ah! I have not yet told you! The brainchild of Tara Zucker, and her amazing ability to get a couple of somewhat tired and discouraged people back onto the computer, back to the page, back to the film, back into life.

Check this out:

Doll cannot fly

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2 Responses to Catching Up With Myself

  1. Lani Voivod says:

    But…but…I STILL don’t know what this “FGNC” thing is!!! You’re KILLING me, Kelly!

    I hope it’s cooled off enough for ya to function.

  2. You know, it has only taken me a year and three months to answer you, Lani! I am so sorry – It stood for The Few Good Nags Club, Tara was asking for encouragement with her writing, and she e-mailed a few folks and the club was born!

    Alas, we spent more time yakking on-line than writing, and the club did what it was meant to do – get us back onto our projects, off of procrastination, trust a friend or two with feedback, and mush on.

    The FGNC did it’s work, and went back into it’s little brain child’s head.

    As you well know, it has been over a year, and Tomas and I no longer live in that stifling environment anymore – we are just a few tiny states away from you, now.

    Anyway, this just popped up when I was trying to fix something on the web page, and although I know you will probably never see it, I felt like answering.

    Someday we are going to knock on your door….

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