Okay we all love Being Irish…

By Kelly Mahan Jaramillo, Aug. 28th, 2007

So, the concensus is that folks would like to know who directed the film, “The Table”. His name is Chris Byrne and he is a younger pal than I am, however, he was a paratrouper in some unknown branch of the British Army, he is an excitable Irish guy, and when he found Tomas, wanting the music to his film, “The Table”, he sounded kinda scary.

Being Irish myself, despite my last name, I urged Tomas to find out what this tough sounding cat wanted.

He showed us his film, most of what you can see on the page, it is only a seven minute film, but it knocked us out.

When Chris came over to see what Tomas had written, I, as usual, had to sit behind everyone to read body language and take notes.

I was leaning against the leaking kitchen sink.

But I saw the back of Chris’s head.

He was a happy camper that day. His whole family was in town…….FROM IRELAND!!

Everybody thinks I can understand what the fuck they are saying!.

To the press:

I cannot.

But I think I can tell when someone is happy.

And at least, late at night, I can remind the person that helped a project reach its potential, that they have done a good job.

I will tell you more about people thinking I understand the Celtic language at another time.

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