Do the Dead Laugh?

By Kelly Mahan Jaramillo, Aug. 27th 2007

Director Patrick Gleason wrote, directed, and acted in his film, “Laughing Dead“. It has become a cult horror favorite, mainly because Gleason is trying to get his message across with as little gore as possible, in the grotesque future he imagines.

These three insane men, director Patrick, composer Tomas Hradcky (credited as Thomas Hart) and sound designer Bob Gremore made a cult classic, as the future Patrick clearly saw ten years ago is now here, rolling along. We are all keeping our heads down, our ears up.

Laughing Dead” can be found if one peruses:

Monsters and Critics


and any other cult horror outlet you might find when you cannot sleep and are convinced that you are not paranoid, that the future looks rather bleak. Rest assured, you are not paranoid. Gleason had more than a touch of prescience in this film, and it lingers…….

Have a good night.

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