The Morning Fog, Part two

By Kelly Mahan Jaramillo, April 19th, 2007

Without boring any poor soul reading this, we finished “The Morning Fog” amidst much personal tsuris. But Aminta got the film into many festivals, one of the first being right here in LA, and together Tomas and I went to the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles – we invited everyone we knew to come out on a hot April day at five o clock in Hollywood.

You can imagine the turnout

There were so many good short films that day, we were looking forward to the repeat on Saturday. We called again and begged friends to attend, just for the experience of the lovely Arclight Theatre in Hollywood, our film “The Morning Fog, and a short called “Ghandi at the Bat”.

When I told my good friend and fellow writer Tara Zucker about how fun the festival had been, and that frankly, one of our favorites besides “The Morning Fog” had been “Ghandi at the Bat” – well, Tara had a fit.

“I know them, Stephanie and Alec, oh my god they are so talented…….
she raved on and on.

Okay, okay, I said I loved the film. Could anyone pay attention to “The Morning Fog”, please?

As it turned out, neither “Ghandi” nor “Fog” won, but in the best of stalking each other, both films were accepted into a German film feastival on July 13th.

However, for anyone curious about the FGNC, this is where it started, I think.

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