The Morning Fog – is it every morning?

By Kelly Mahan Jaramillo, May 6, 2006

Aminta Goyel, writer and director of “The Morning Fog” and producer Paul Ratner came to our house with their film after we had been up all night on the last cue for “The Black Shield”, with Tomas recording live upright bass in the hallway and me at Digtal performer, still trying to understand that “Guess what Dorothey, we are not in film anymore!” – – –

Take 6 on cue 9, not much to say except “I’m tired, sounds good,”

We ftp’d aiff files (techi-speak for sending the mastered cue to another location via the computer) to Chicago, and fell into bed, only to hear the doorbell ring about an hour later.

“HI! I’m Tomas, ” I am Kelly “Nice-to-meet-you both”

All the while we are telepathing angry thoughts at each other that ONE of us scheduled this meeting just a LITTLE TOO CLOSE.

This was not just a meeting, it was a spotting session, where we all watch, then go through the film and decide where music should be placed.

My job is to take the notes of what the director, composer, and producer were saying.

Was I so lucky we were watching it on the big screen – – IN THE BEDROOM??

I think most of my notes looked like shorthand as my head kept jerking down to my chest and back up.

But, we knew it was a good film, otherwise we both would have been sound asleep.

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