American Dumpling – the end is near!

By Kelly Mahan Jaramillo, Aug. 24th 2007

August in the San Fernando Valley is….welll.. let’s face it – July and August are when, if one can do it, sleep all day and work all night. Tomas finished almost all of Reel Four on the Documentary American Dumpling, written and directed by filmmaker Eileen Nelson, and produced by Eileen Nelson and Darrell Hanzalik. It has been an long tough road, and everyone is wiped out.

And of course, suddenly there is room for a mix, which collides TO THE DAY of another mix, not to mention the festivals.
The landlady raise the rent, two of our beloved animals died, and all we want to do is sleep. During the day, mind you. Not at night.

Night is for Craig Fergusun, Scrubs reruns (Is THAT when he was with Elliot?) and looking at each other not quite understanding that we are middle aged and have not yet been committed to a psych ward. (Well, one of us has not).


American Dumpling is about families of all races and ethnicities, and the fact that if one boils the world down to flour, water, and salt, one can forget about “blood” – we all have the same desires. It is an off beat, quirky documentary, that speaks volumes of truth while tangenting off into the our own quiet worlds of truth that we rarely share with each other. So we cook, and hope everyone loves the food.

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One Response to American Dumpling – the end is near!

  1. “American Dumpling” – the end was NOWHERE near when I originally wrote this post, but it has been completed for over a year, and is now doing the festival circuit.

    “American Dumpling” has grown up enough to have it’s own page! Right there! Over on the right, under Links – Ours.

    So, there ya go!

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