No, Tomás Hradcky Has Not Gone Anywhere.

What do you mean my last post was two years and nine months ago? WordPress! You Lie!

No, WordPress is solidly honest. I’ve not written a thing on this blog, and it is not because of lack of content. Much music has gone on, but not much writing. I got tired of blogging and figured you would not notice because no one ever reads this blog. I take no offense, it can get a bit nuts-and-boltsy regarding scoring and the intricacies of what is needed and where things go wrong and why. I get it.

I simply got involved with other ventures, one of them being an almost unforgivable amount of time spent on twitter concerning Leann Rimes, a lawsuit, Brandi Glanville, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…..overall, a giant, soul sucking morass of drama that yielded a lot of irritation and a few small nuggets of gold.  Much of this will be documented elsewhere down the road sometime.  Maybe.

Recently, someone asked me one little question about it and received a two part e-mail that, when finished, totaled 62 pages and 24,890 words. Well, at least one-quarter of that story is already written. I am not sure how the party on the other end feels, but I feel ten pounds lighter. Thank you Kitsa. Please don’t forget to send me the bill.

Enough of me, what about Tomás?  That is why you are here, right?

Well……that has to come in stages, otherwise we will be here all day.

In 2012, he wrote “The Major/Minor Project,” you can listen one of the cues, “Twinkle Minor” – my personal favorite, and hear the rest at the new website which Tomás built himself from scratch and went live August of 2012.

Tool around, enjoy the new site.

The story of “The Major/Minor Project” ties in with the Twitter lunacy mentioned above, and is a post for another day. Day, I promise. Not month, not year. Day.

Because right now we have to get back to mixing a webisode of a short series that has a lot to do with the Original Power Rangers Television Series. Mmmmm-hmmm, you read that correctly.

Sooooo, yes! We have been busy, in the most delightfully strange ways we could never imagine.

You can find Tomás on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

Drop by and say hello, he’d love to hear from you.

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On Short Notice, A Short Film, In A Short Film Festival.

Hello all,

Yes, to all of the above. “Dawn” was accepted into the Chicago International REEL Short Film Festival. Congratulations to director Jaime Mariscal and the cast and crew of “Dawn.”

“Dawn” is playing this Friday in Chicago, screening time 4 p.m.

Click here for all of the information – “Dawn” is the sixth film down under the “Growing Up Sucks” section – I think we can all relate to that category!

It might take a little time, but the trailer does play and you can hear Tomás Hradcky’s score featured all through it.

If anyone happens to be in Chicago and is looking for something to do on a Friday afternoon – we invite you to come on out and see our film.


Kelly Mahan Jaramillo

Score Co-producer

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“Dawn” New Website, IMDb Update

Hey all,

Just a quick hello to let you know that Tomás and I are still alive, enjoying the end of summer, the cooling temperatures, and all deadlines met and over.

Jaime Mariscal put up a new website for “Dawn” if you would like to go visit it and read more about Jaime plus the rest of the cast and crew of the film.

Plus, we have updated both of our IMDb pages, and Tomás put up a fun picture on his page, along with where he has been and what he has been doing for the last five years.

Tomás was very nice to a cranky me, who was not in the mood to muck around with updating my page, so he kindly did it for me.  What a fella! Usually it is my job to carry out these duties but lately I have had my hands full with assorted unrelated work issues which have left me, well…..a little prickly.

So, that is where we stand as summer winds down. Wrapping up the last of the projects, and now tending to neglected web pages, blogs, and people.  I will keep this page updated with festival information for both “Dawn” and “Ravana’s Game” as soon as we know the particulars.

Thanks for stopping by, see you soon.

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Chashama Film Festival 2011

Just to remind people who have films to submit to festivals – “American Dumpling” was accepted into Chashama in 2009, and, for being a new festival, it was well run, the staff was fantastic and incredibly helpful, especially to us, as they were aware that Tomas and I were representing “Dumpling” and had driven across the state to do so.  We were completely sleep deprived and walking in circles in New York City, and thank goodness Rick and the staff were there to guide us to our own film’s viewing!

Thank you Chashama Film Festival, and we hope to have another film in your festival very soon.

Here is the info on Chashama 2011, along with contact links:

The 2011 Chashama Film Festival: Chaos Theory, will take place from November 10-13 at 217 East 42nd St., New York, NY 10017.

In Chashama Film Festival’s 4th year, we hope to explore our current world of flux. People’s actions have a great impact on everything around them, especially the societies in which they live. In this year’s festival, we seek to focus on Chaos Theory: The Rise and Fall of Societies. Societal change is brought on by different ideals of philosophy and sociology, and we want to know how that contributes to groups that flourish, and groups that fall. We speculate about questions like what makes a society want to change, how people are directly involved with societal change, and if a society’s impending collapse can be prevented.

At Chashama, we believe that film and uncensored media outlets are vital to inform a compassionate and understanding population. We want to convey what is real; real feeling, real questions, and real ideas, and we use film as our medium. At a time of widespread economic and political instability, when the world needs a change toward unification and peace, our action is essential; our action is art.

For more information, check out the website:, or contact festival director Rick Kariolic if you are interested in submitting a film.

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“Dawn” – No, We Didn’t Dream It.

SO, to catch anyone up who does not have time to slog through the last year of posts, here is a quick recap:

When we started work on “Ravana’s Game”, Tomás was contacted by a filmmaker named Jaime Mariscal, asking him if he would be interested in scoring his short film “Dawn”.

We asked if we could see the film, and we both fell head-over-heels in love with it. However, there was a rather big problem – Tomás was in the middle of “Ravana’s Game”, and we were having a bit of a tough time wrestling it to the ground.

We finally decided to ask Jaime if he was willing to wait – we loved the film, but it was going to be a little while before we could work on it, and if he did not want to wait, we fully understood.

Jaime chose to wait, and for that, Tomás and I want to extend our gratitude, as “Dawn” is one of those unique little short film gems that rarely come by, and we would have been very depressed to have missed out on it.

Thank you for your patience, Jaime.

Jaime had asked that no posts be written about “Dawn” for awhile – he laughingly admitted that he was superstitious, which he did not need to defend with us.  Tomás and I are very superstitious and often engage in bizarre little rituals before attacking the task at hand – little things that no one would even notice, and any good psychiatrist worth his salt would pencil down as obsessive compulsive behavior.

Once Tomás was closing in on the last reel of “Ravana’s Game”, we did a spotting session with Jaime on the phone, as Jaime is in Chicago and we are here in Pittsburgh. Tomás and Jaime had several conversations about what Jaime was looking for musically, and we began the written outline of spotting session.

Then, “Dawn” had to be put on the shelf while Tomás went back to “Ravana’s Game”.  Once mixing began on “Ravana’s Game”, writing began on “Dawn”.

The opening of the film was crucial, as there was no dialogue and very few sound effects. The first cue, 1m1, was going to be standing there all by itself, and getting it to be right on the mark was going to take some time.

Altogether, Tomás wrote sixteen different cues for 1m1, which we sat and went through together, playing them against picture, rating them in different categories and sub-categories. We had an interesting idea on one of the cues, one in particular that I fell in love with and I argued it’s case with great passion.

Tomas listened, saw my point(s), and we sent it off to Jaime for approval.  It was rejected immediately. Luckily I am too old and tired to scream “My vision, people! My vision!”

Rather, I wrote Jaime an e-mail, saying, “My fault, my fault, I was positive you would love the direction of this cue.  No worries, we have fifteen more to go through, and with any luck, you will not have to go through all fifteen.”

It took a little time and a lot of concentration for us to whittle it down to four cues for him to choose from, and even play a little ‘mix-and-match’ if he wanted to get, or go, crazy. All of this fun was going on in September, 2010.

Jaime was very happy with all four cues, and had to go through his own deciding process, so while he worked with the opening of the film, Tomás jumped back to mixing “Ravana’s Game”.

December 29, 2010, we received an e-mail from Jaime, wondering how the rest of the score was coming, as he had entered “Dawn” into a couple of festivals, and he would like to have more original score.

Fast forward to February 5th, 2011, when Jaime wrote that “Dawn” had been accepted into the Chicago Latino Film Festival, and would be screening sometime mid-April. Great excitement and high fives all around, with Tomás stepped up his working hours on “Dawn” to accomidate the festival.

On March 21st, Jaime wrote and told us of the festival screening dates  – April 1st and 10th. Great excitement collided  head on with extreme panic, as Jaime would need the fully finished and mixed score no later than March 23rd. We went from having approximately two weeks to finish the score, to two days. I think we wasted a desperately needed hour staring at the wall in shock.

It was going to be a solid working 48 hours with no sleep, and a few extra hours of super panic for some small changes and a few files that did not transfer over well and had to be resent.

I cannot really give any more details, as it was all a blur. I remember writing to Jaime and asking how the April 1st screening went, and he sounded as fried as we were, but said it went very well. A small group of happy, sleep-deprived folks wandering around the last few weeks.

Then today we received this. (Click on the photo to read the full review).

Congratulations to Jaime Mariscal, Kevin Pittman, Kelly Medrano, Jessica Camacho, and the rest of the cast and crew of “Dawn”.  You made an absolutely wonderful short film, and Tomás and I are happy and proud to have been included in it.  We hope to work with all of you again down the line someday.

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“Ravana’s Game” – End in Sight?

By Kelly Mahan Jaramillo, March 26th, 2011

SO, this is the first “Partners” post of 2011, and it is still cold outside! Yay for me, I think.

Still deciding if “Ravana’s Game” is cursed. From everything I have written, everything that could go haywire on a film has done so on this one. I am actually nervous writing this, as there is always something else that could happen, so maybe I should explain my slip-and-fall on the ice which prevented me from writing a post two months ago to simple clumsiness?

I think I should. I am a clumsy, clumsy, Los Angeles bred-and-born woman relocated to the East where it snows and sleets. My slip on the ice has nothing to do with the film. Repeat, nothing to do with the film!

Anyhoo….back is all better, and all kinds of keen things have been going on! Tomas is mixing the last reel, having to take a break to finish up the short film “Dawn”, due to a sudden accelerated schedule, which shall be written about in the next post.

“Ravana’s Game” director David Eblen has put up a webpage, which features Tomas’s score on the “About page, along with the trailer, and a wordpress journal chronicling the incredibly long and twisted road driven to get this film made. It is a fascinating and often funny read, and we have only been along for the last one-fifth of the ride.  It has been wild.

Click here to go to “Ravana’s Game” webpage, tool around, give us a ‘thumbs up’ on Facebook if you are so inclined, and we will see you soon.

If you happen to live in Portland Oregon, the theatre screening of “Ravana’s Game” is May 4th. Stay tuned for details.

Go to the comments sections if you would like to see the Hindi version of the trailer.  Is the film cursed?  You decide…….

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3 Rivers Film Festival – Most Fun EVER!

Yes, I sound like a ten-year-old after her first sleepover, but seriously, the 3 Rivers Film Festival in Pittsburgh, PA., is absolutely the most fun we have had at a festival, and we didn’t even have a film in it, as I mentioned below.

No disrespect to the many film festivals we have gone to – 3 Rivers was probably the most fun because we did not have a film in it, and were free to enjoy ourselves.

We had a tiny, peripheral role in one of the films that was accepted, “The Red Machine”, written and directed by Stephanie Argy and Alec Boehm. You can view the trailer at the previous post, below.

About 4 years ago, we went over to their studio for one evening to watch the rough cut of the film, and offer critique.  Steph and Alec were kind enough to throw us in the “special thanks” credit roll, even though all I did was marvel at how much I liked the film – my critique skills are terrible.  Tomás had some solid suggestions, which neither of us can remember and have no idea if they were used. But if you look hard, you can see us in there. Look Ma, we’re famous!

Tomás Hradcky and Kelly Mahan Jaramillo, in there somewhere.....

So, just a quick sign off to David Eblen, director of “Ravana’s” Game”, and Jaime Mariscal, director of “Dawn” – once your films are finished and out there for the public eye, you will have our full support in promoting your films.  We are really looking forward to doing that.

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The Three Rivers Film Festival – what a month.

If anybody is following “American Dumpling The Movie”, you know we entered it into 3Rivers.  No that is not a typo,

See?  Nothing like a visual!

ANY way – Even before we submitted, I nagged Stephanie Argy and Alec Boehm of “The Red Machine” to enter, so the four of us could see each other again, and we could see the finished film. Steph entered it in April, and promptly forgot all about it.

Well, “American Dumpling was in the running, but sadly, got turned down, however, “The Red Machine” got accepted.  We rented a carpet cleaner and cleaned the floor of our three story house in excitement! Yes, we do things like that when excited.  Channel that energy.

We had an incredible weekend, and want to thank everybody at the Three Rivers Film Fest – Gary Kaboly, Tony Buba of “Braddock films, Carol O’ Sullivan for finding “The Red Machine” in the huge pile of films that got dropped into her lap, and calling Brady Lewis to get into her office, telling him he had to see this film. After the weekend of “The Red Machine”, we were all set to go to see Tony Buba’s film retrospective on Wednesday night.

However, during the weekend, I was sprouting a mild toothache, which by Wednesday had turned into a full blown infection, and I was cross-eyed with pain and had to stay home.  Tomás did not want to leave me, but I pushed him out the door, there was no way we were both going to miss it.  This is part of the score co-producers job. Push him out the door!

Tomás came back around midnight, bursting with stories about Tony’s films, and how much he loved them.  Well, maybe next time for me.

Okay, my tooth has decided that enough is enough for tonight, so more on the festival down the line, and our teeny tiny bit of involvement with “The Red Machine”, but in the meantime, here is the trailer for “The Red Machine” for your enjoyment.  And if I may be a nag to anyone reading this – if “The Red Machine” comes to your city or town, please give yourself a treat and go see it. I can promise you, you will have an absolute blast.


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Chashama Film Festival

Just a quick post as you may remember that October of last year, we were accepted into the Chashama Film Festival, and we drove to New York to represent the film.

Chashama is up and running again this year, if you go to the “About” page under comments, you will find all of the info, or simply click here for all of the film info.

Again, our thanks to everyone at Chashama for the wonderful time last year, and we hope you guys have a great turnout this year.



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Mixing and Madness!

Yes, it has been over 6 months since the last post.  Time flies when you are having fun!  Or losing your mind, whichever.

There is a finalized version of the artwork from “Ravana’s Game”, only slightly different from the one below, so I am going to wait on unveiling that for now.

The score is finished, approved, and Tomás is now in the mixing stage.  The sound mixer, Drew Canulette, is busy working on his end, and Tomás is in the first stage of mixing the music.  The first two reels are being a bit snappish, as David Eblen, the director, was not clear on what he wanted, and he and Tomás ran through many different styles of music.  I would venture to say that this film did not really settle in until Reel 3 – it has been a long, bumpy road, but the end is near, and everybody seems happy.

The mixing process of the first two reels is much more labor intensive than the rest of the film will be, as Tomás was sending off unmixed, totally raw cues to David as fast as he could, so they could agree upon a basic “feel” for the score.

Consequently, it was pointless to mix as he went along, and the first 18 cues had to be wrestled to the ground musically,  as David decided on one cue, Tomás would be off onto another one.  It was a bit chaotic, to say the least.  Especially since the first 18 cues were in Reels One and Two, and in Reels Three, Four, Five, and Six, there are 24 cues all together.  The first two reels are almost half of the film.  We still do not have the exact timing of the end credits, and a few of the CGI shots, but hopefully those will come down the pike at some point.

So, Tomás is now finished with full mix prep – separations, routing, enhanced bussing, and final clean-up of any rogue instrument that happened to pick up noise while being recorded.  The arduous part is over, as once in Reel Three, he mixed as he went along, and the rest of the reels will not require such heavy prep, they will simply be subjected to a nice master mix.

So, there is the news with “Ravana’s Game”.  I have updates on the new film, and another project that just came in, but that is for another day.

And it will be another day, not 6 months from now. However, we are always on alert for being hit by the proverbial bus. Always.


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